10 Foods Never to Eat – Dr. Ted Broer

Dr. Ted Broer joined me previously in an interview about the 10 foods to avoid. He gives insight into the harm some foods can have on the system.

He goes over the 10 foods to avoid (he had to cut short and we recited the whole list).

Ted also covers the dangers of the chemicals and products in foods today and what they contain.

He mentions immunizations and what they use in them.


News Items covered in this episode:

A programming center near me called NXIVM that uses Monarch style programming.

The Canadian government awards a daughter of the victim of their country’s MKULTRA experiments at the Allan Memorial Hospital.

Cory Feldman is targeted and has death threats against him.

And also another Holistic Doctor found dead who was studying autism.

Dr. Ted Broer – Healthmasters

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