The Structure of Freemasonry

March 18, 2018 Jim Duke 0

Many Freemasons will argue that their Craft is only a Gentleman’s Club of innocence to promote morality and virtue. However, their own documents prove otherwise. […]

compass and square

Why I am Against Freemasonry

March 18, 2018 Jim Duke 0

Freemasonry is a semi-secret society as it is known and visible to the public. Many important people, from presidents to heads of departments, and prominent businessmen […]

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Politics of Deception

March 12, 2018 Jim Duke 0

Many think politics is legislation of policies for the betterment of society and protection of its citizens. But behind politics is a dirty corrupt staging […]

Christ Ravenna

Fake Jesus

March 10, 2018 Jim Duke 0

Which Jesus do you know? There are variations of Jesus according to which group you have been associated with. A Freemason Jesus, a New Age […]