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The recent drop in the Dow to 666 signaled turmoil in the stock world. The number presented may also have been a spiritual signal that something is about to occur. Could the recent stock market crash to 666 points be a message to us of something more sinister? Some say 666 is the number of occultists to hint something they plan. Others think of the number of the Beast, so this is considered a sign that we are headed towards the Beast system. And some warn perhaps it is a trigger that God has finally decided to judge the world and soon will be the End Times.

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In Esoteric language, the Elite, occutlists, Luciferians, and Freemasons have a communication using calculations and numerology to identify their mark. 666 is often used. And in occultism it is of the Pythagorean calculation of Kabbalah.

Trump has been measured by his success in business and wits about finances. The “Deep State” is likely to threaten him where Trump most feels it. Are they sending a message?

Some say this is an esoteric message to Trump that Globalists are behind the market and control it. And that they can ruin his record.

Some say the 666 indicates curse. And that God is telling us that it is time.

Is it the Mark of the Beast?

In God’s terms it is the number of imperfection and the number of man (fallen to rebellion and temptation). Perhaps a hint by God that He is ready to judge.

Economist Peter Schiff said the Federal Reserve may be attempting to destroy the “Trump effect” that’s been rallying the stock market for the last year.

“Maybe the Fed would be happy to see a bear market that could be blamed on Trump,” Schiff said in an interview with The Street.

“We’ve had a huge move up since the election of Trump even though prior to the election the expectation was if Trump won it [would be a disaster for markets].”

Are the globalists desperate to get rid of Trump? So desperate they will sacrifice the economy?

There is a much deeper State than the Deep State on the Seventh Floor. Even deeper than the Bilderbergs.

Rothschilds, who control the economy, have been doing this for centuries. Manipulating markets for their purpose of control. Rothschilds are financial gurus who have a control over wealth and society by banks they control.

And some say Trump is from God sent to bless us.

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