JIM DUKE PERSPECTIVE is a forum of Jim Duke presenting his unique insight on the world system, and his mission to shine the light of truth on the deeds of darkness. And to expose the New World Order Conspiracy and Luciferian agenda. This site is to awaken people and provide information, insight, and encouragement to benefit others with truth of the world and of the Christian faith. Informing beyond the mainstream.

“A rational voice in a world of conspiracy”

Jim is a Christian Truther bringing news and information from a Christian point of view.

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that presents news, reveals conspiracies, unveils signs of the times, shares biblical insight, and offers speculation on social issues.


Jim in Washington DC

Jim Duke is a researcher and examines topics in society to bring his unique perspective to them. He has been a believer in Jesus Christ since 1993, serving as teacher, elder, and researcher for many years. He has no denominational affiliations, and is independent from any political affiliation, special interest groups, and religious organizations. He is an independent thinker not influenced by any one group. A truther revealing the truth.

His keen curiosity of life has brought him to investigating the suspicions of conspiracies and to seek the story not brought to mainstream. He has a past knowledge of the occult and the demonic realm having once dabbled in such interests, since delivered from it and denouncing such influence. And after dedicating his life to Jesus Christ, he is using his experiences for discernment to provide an understanding and insight into esoteric language and identifying the presence of spiritual activity in order to warn, alert, and help those in strongholds to it. He has a working knowledge of many religious beliefs, and knows how to connect the dots of information to get to the roots.

Jim believes Jesus Christ has the answers to all life’s problems, and that the scriptures represent the record of knowledge and revelation of Yahweh God to the people. He believes that scripture has been provided as a guide and understanding of the record of God and the identity of the Messiah Jesus Christ. And that the Holy Spirit is active to apply them to every need and hope of man and to bring man to the covenant of God through Jesus Christ.

The effort of this work is to bring knowledge to every person, not only of the information of workings of this world, but to expose its darkness and bring people to the knowledge of the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ that has been blinded by the god of this world, Satan (Lucifer).

This world was given as a means for the Creator to reach His creation of man to share in the inheritance of eternal life. However, that experience has been contaminated by blindness of sin and man is in need to be redeemed personally to rightness in order to see the kingdom of God and have eternal life. In the meantime we are trapped in this matrix of life and susceptible to the wiles of the devil, which is why we need the power of God unto salvation. By having been revealed the hope of Jesus Christ, and discerning the tactics of the enemy, Jim believes we can divert from his deceptions, turn from our wickedness and worldly passions, and lean on Jesus Christ by believing in Him for resurrected new life. See Jim’s Statement of Faith. Jim continues to study and write about what he researches and discovers in life as he shares his journey with others.


Bible teacher in the Albany Bible Institute, Albany NY

Church elder in a local congregation (prior to being awaken to the faulty model adopted by modern church organizations*).

Host and Producer of cable television shows, such as LIFE ISSUES that ran for over 10 years in two States.

Contributing writer for BeforeItsNews, The Examiner, EzineMagazine, and Hubpages.

Jim has gleaned from many researchers of the past in his journey of truth, both in the secular world, and that in the Christian faith of men worthy to be considered pioneers in their field and in history, research, and information. Some of Jim’s guides for research he cites as influence include Constance Cumbey, Grant Jeffrey, Dr. D. James Kennedy, Fritz Springmeier, Dr. Stanley Monteith. As well as Chris Pinto, Gary Wayne, and other more current researchers.

*A note on Jim’s Belief of the modern Church

Jim considers himself a member of the household of faith, the body of Christ large. However, once served in the church facilities before being aware of the faults of modern church. Jim does not contribute to the modern church model and its hierarchy organization. Its 501c3 non-profit structure has been an attempt to convince Pastors to accept benefits for becoming State organizations having regulations to keep their non-profit status. The church has also adopted bad habits it has acquired from the Babylonian System and the Mother Church of Catholicism. Clergy and laity divided, is one that Jesus warned in Revelation in which He made it clear he hated the ways of the Nicolatians (a term meaning Victory OVER the laity).

In his research, Jim has found that many large organizations and denominations were results of the influence of Secret Societies to divide and control, diverting congregates from the core foundational truths into specific indoctrination that has watered-down the gospel messge and the doctrines of the faith.

Also found is the influence of New Age and Witchcraft in the modern churches. The church system has adopted many heretical habits, some coming from Babylon, some from the hierarchy system controlled by others in networks, and even some witchcraft elements. This is illustrated in the Roman Catholic Church, its pagan connections, and the New Age charismatic influence into the churchesthat mimic the Holy Spirit manifestations, chasing signs and wonders rather than a relationship with The Father through Jesus Christ.

While teachers and mentors are given their rightly honor, in this faulty system, The Pastor has been given a title and elevated on the altar given an even higher honor than the scriptures require, thus making the congregates dependent on his feeding, his facility, and his presence, allowing him to extort from the congregation, and be revered as Lord over the people. Many of the people are feeding milk since the Pastor has to lower the level of learning to new congregates who are unlearned. And keeping the congregation reliant upon him to prove the necessity of his livelihood.

Today’s church puts more emphasis on the facility as church rather than on the people in the congregation, which ARE the church. It forsakes edification of people and generally stifles them to be dependent on the head of the facility, the Pastor. The organized church system has been a distraction from the purpose of edifying and maturing believers and to discover their gifts, to focus on man’s intent to build something in his own name in his own power, and devise worldly programs to keep people busy.

That perception of the modern church having an institutionalized tradition caused Jim to seek the Lord’s heart on the matter and influence him towards reform to make Jesus Christ its Head as it was intended, and to edify saints towards a better relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ. Currently Jim assembles with other believers of the body of Christ in believers’ meetings, as Jesus Christ draws out a remnant dedicated to the truth of Jesus Christ rather than to the traditions of men. He is in the fringe Christianity not endorsing religious Christianity, nor its traditional structure that is based on a counterfeit model.




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