In this world there seems to be an obvious conspiracy that is interfering with mankind. While many will point to Elite Oligarchy rulers as the force behind the scenes, Jim takes it a step further to also address the ruling Luciferian spirit behind this force and their plans.

Jim Duke takes you through his journey of information to share his experience, research, and insight, as well as shares what others contribute. He researches the truth on conspiracy and exposes the New World Order agenda. And also offers news analysis from a Christian view. Jim has expressed his insight in print media, local television, and on the Internet. He is a contributing writer for various news sites. And also offers Bible teachings and shares his knowledge of Jesus Christ.

This site provides information beyond the mainstream and your Sunday morning sermon. Jim shares his unique perspective, as his mission is to shine the light of truth on the deeds of darkness and expose the New World Order Conspiracy and Luciferian agenda, while pointing people to the hope offered. This site is to awaken people and provide information, insight, and encouragement to benefit others with truth of the world with biblical insight through the Christian faith.

“A rational voice in a world of conspiracy”

Jim offers news and social analysis from a Christian view. He is intent on bringing the truth in all aspects as they are presented, and make people aware of what is really going on.

This Site Features:

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And it brings analysis of alternative news, reveals conspiracy, unveils the signs of the times, shares biblical insight, and offers speculation on the topics.


Jim in Washington DC

Jim Duke has been researching and collecting information about the New World Order and the Luciferian Conspiracy for several decades. He has been a believer in Jesus Christ since 1993, serving as teacher, church elder, and researcher for many years. He has no denominational affiliations, and is independent from any political affiliation, special interest groups, and religious organizations. He is an independent thinker not influenced by any one group. Simply a truther revealing the truth.

Jim’s keen curiosity of life has brought him to investigating the suspicions of conspiracies and to seek the story not brought to mainstream. He has a past knowledge of the occult and the demonic realm having once dabbled in such interests, since has been delivered from it and denounced such influence. And after dedicating his life to Jesus Christ, he is using his experiences for discernment to provide an understanding and insight into esoteric language and identifying the presence of spiritual activity in order to warn, alert, and help those in strongholds to it. He has a working knowledge of many religious beliefs, and knows how to connect the dots of information to get to the roots.

Jim believes Jesus Christ is the only means to God and that scripture and wisdom from God has the answers to all life’s problems. And that the Bible represents the record of knowledge and revelation of Yahweh God to the people. He believes that scripture has been provided as a guide and understanding of the record of God and the identity of the Messiah Jesus Christ. And that the Holy Spirit is active to apply them to every need and hope of man and to bring man to the covenant of God through Jesus Christ.

This world was given as a means for the Creator to reach His creation of man to share in the inheritance of eternal life. However, that experience has been contaminated by blindness of sin and man is in need to be redeemed personally to rightness in order to see the kingdom of God and have eternal life. In the meantime we are trapped in this matrix of life and susceptible to the wiles of the devil, which is why we need the power of God unto salvation. By having been revealed the hope of Jesus Christ, and discerning the tactics of the enemy, Jim believes we can divert from his deceptions, turn from our willfulness and tendencies of wickedness and pass off worldly passions, and lean on Jesus Christ by believing in Him for resurrected new life. For more what Jim believes, check out this statement. Jim continues to study and write about what he researches and discovers in life as he shares his journey with others.


Bible teacher in the Albany Bible Institute, Albany NY

Church elder in a local congregation

Host and Producer of cable television shows, such as LIFE ISSUES, that ran for over 10 years in two States.

Contributing writer for BeforeItsNews, The Examiner, EzineMagazine, and Hubpages.

The effort of this work is to bring knowledge to every person, not only of the information of workings of this world, but to expose its darkness and bring people to the knowledge of the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ that has been blinded by the god of this world, Satan (Lucifer).




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