CERN, D-Wave, and Witchcraft Mind Control

Jim Duke Perspective

CERN is about to restart in sync with the May 1 Satanic ritual known as Beltane. Whether or not it is related, there are several related points that connect CERN with the occult and witchcraft, as well as the D-Wave computer capable of devious tasks. Opening portals, breaking dimensions, altering brain patterns, and confusing our thoughts. I will make some connections.

In 1958 Flanagan developed the Neurophone. It was a device able to give audible suggestion WITHOUT the use of the ears and normal auditory pathways using vibrational technology which allows the transmission of sound vibrations through the skin, as if it was a speaker. Bypassing the brain allows a different part of the brain to process it, creating new neutral airways.

See U.S. Patent 3170993

Flanagan was also into Ancient Eqyptian Sacred geometry and pyramidology, and used the Sri Yantra Mystic Diagram as a model. So we can understand how witchcraft was influential in technology.

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