Christians not Always Who Claim to Be

Christians are not ALL who say they follow Christ. Seems an oxymoron, but to be a Christian transcends claiming you are a follow of the faith and attending a Christian church. Nor is it being born into a “Christian nation.” It is not a name or title, but an individual transformed lifestyle decision that supernaturally occurs when the Holy Spirit regenerates one’s spirit and puts his seal on him.

So many now have been assimilated into the faith through communities and community churches. Even some new doctrines are claiming that to be in Jesus does NOT mean a personal relationship, but a communal one. That is contrary to scripture that tells it is a condition of one being “born again,” or “born from above” that transcends the flesh to see the Kingdom of God (John 3). That happens individually, not communal. It happens through repentance and forsaking sin to believe what Jesus offered in his sacrifice and resurrection. But then one does look for the community to be a part of and work in sharing the gifts and being accountable.

However, it is individual faith that must be expressed, not as a community for one’s redemption. It is not of works, but of the spirit. The faith is being compromised and keeping people rooted in the world rather than in the Spirit. Several doctrines of late are distracting away from sound doctrine and also now discrediting the very foundations of the faith, even questioning the Bible.

While the Bible is translated and written under the guise of men, it is still a recording of historical revelation carried through the ages, and personal connections between God and man to give us instruction and example of the foundation of the faith. While in original languages, we have it translated in our language to the best of our ability from original manuscripts (the KJV being the most preserved, reliable, tested, and least tampered than the modern texts). Yes, the Father has a personal relationship that transcends the scripture, BUT what each claims in individual revelations cannot violate the foundation of what we know as the record written on the pages of text preserved for us for a common standard. It must be tested. Several revelations have been offered to me that have violated the standard. i have to reject them.

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