Why the Democrats Really Turned on the Clintons

Bill Clinton points finger

The Clintons were one of the most powerful Washington families. Bill Clinton got away with sexual harassment of several women, one of which, Monica Lewinsky, we had evidence that Bill took advantage of her “services” as she was an intern.

Hillary Clinton got away with somehow rigging the campaign against her opponent Bernie Sanders, while all the other contenders conceded. Those still in didn’t have a chance in the running.

And now we are hearing what we had suspected all along, that not only was the Democratic process rigged to give her the advantage against Sanders, but that she bought out the Democratic National Committee, as well as was given a cheat sheet by the media. Donna Brazile, former intern DNC boss, exposed Hillary in her book.

And now other women are coming out against Bill accusing him of harassment during his tenure. These must have been ones not previously threatened by Hillary’s “stand down” campaign against the abused and victims of her husband’s actions.

So why all of a sudden have the media turned on the Clintons? The scandals are finally coming out without protection and spin. The media is not standing down this time. Could the days of the “golden ones” finally be over?

There is no loyalty in politics. And it is a dirty game. Hillary admitted that herself. So she would expect such antics. Except that she anticipated she had this in the bag. She must have never thought anyone would turn on HER. She had bought too many people. But yet it is happening.

Perhaps the usefulness of the Clintons is over. The Elite are getting tired of them, and ready to throw them out to the wolves.

Perhaps though, Hillary has burned too many bridges and has overdone her welcome. She took advantage of every opportunity and corrupted every avenue. She pushed and pushed, and wouldn’t let up. She would not concede quietly, nor intended to easily give up. She likely feels they owe her. She stood down with Obama for the chance of a 2016 run. And that didn’t turn out as expected for her (or anyone else for that matter).

It is likely not about the Clintons at all. They are still using them, this time for reckoning. The DNC want their reputation rebuilt, and if it means the Clintons be the fall guy, so be it. The end justifies the means. Hilly of all people should understand that. And they want the 2020 elections, with or without the Clintons.

Note that I realize politics is a game and a facade, and that the agenda will go on despite. Just that they use the perception to silently steer the public towards their direction. The parties are two legs of the same Oligarchy controlled system and useful in the process of “Problem, Reaction, Solution.”

See source story: http://www.dcclothesline.com/2017/11/23/why-the-democrats-really-turned-on-bill-clinton/


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