Doc Marquis Explains Halloween

Doc Marquis

Ex-Illuminati witch Doc Marquis joins me for this episode into the background behind the dark holiday known as Halloween. Doc shares his insight as well as his warning into the dark occult rituals and celebration that has become what we know as Halloween. Even how participating from afar from the actual ritual sites is still a proxy worship. After this episode you may not look at this season the same way.

Doc gives us the origins of some of the festival surrounding Halloween.

He relates the practice of the Druid Priests with the American version we celebrate today.

He tells how a Druid Priest provides a human sacrifice in proxy of those who cannot attend the ceremony site and how it relates with the neighborhood tradition of going house to house.

We discuss why a Christian should not consider participating in this dark gruesome holiday that is celebrated by witches, Druids, New Agers, occultists, and Satanists.

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