Early 2017 Speculations

While the United States holds its breath, waiting for what a Trump Presidency might mean, other nations have given a reprieve as to their next steps in the political world stage.

In the meantime, Obama has been a busy beaver in the back ground to ensure a rough Trump transition. If not deliberately putting barriers in place to stump Trump. For someone who has been our leader for the past 8 years, Obama doesn’t seem to have America in his own best interest, but only an agenda to fulfill despite the country he has vowed to serve and protect. A total lie. Obama is provoking Russia and other world leaders into a frenzy.

In the wake of Obama, Trump will have several challenges. North Korea has been silent. China has stood still, and Japan as well as Russia and Israel call out to the next President for a new path of relations. While some of the same players are still moving behind the scenes to cause friction.

We have predicted an economic collapse on the wings, yet have not seen any such development. Even though the reports indicated an inevitable crash, not just in the United States, but across the globe. Even BIS Manager Jaime Caruana warned of such imminent event.

Also we showed evidence that the Elite have been filling their secret underground bunkers with supplies and equipping a covert army ready to defend against revolting citizens. But where is the fulfillment?

The reason we have not yet seen it is that the Shadow Government, the occult Elite, International Bankers, or whatever you may want to label them, have not found it necessary yet. Or else they have redesigned the plans to include the short term perception of peace and prosperity with Trump and further entrap its citizens deeper into dependence on their solution when things turn more chaotic and unstable.

The report of a secret Freemasonic coupe also comes to mind. Trump may have been described as the non-Establishment candidate, but that doesn’t mean he is not working in the best interest of any. If that was even true. We have hints that Trump is actually working alongside Freemasons, and is one himself. Masons are known for intertwining businessmen. Of course somewhere along the line, Trump had to have come into connection with them as he benefited from their network.

While Trump may seem his own man unconnected with any Elite group, he is in the very least being used and puppeted to a desired outcome. Even if Trump is believed to be his own man, maybe even believing it himself, the Elitists still know how to shape, direct, and stir him to a desired reaction to use him for their planned agenda. The Masonic connection may simply be used as one leg of the Shadow Government agenda to bring about that sector into submission.

No way can one man “trump” the entire vast Elite organization network and somehow not only fool them, but rise above them in defeat of their lifelong progress. Unless that man himself is controlled by an even greater force. Some will say God has his hand on Trump. But just the same there could be an alternative spiritual force holding him up in place.

By putting America in a state of reprieve, and raising the prosperity of America, it gives a false hope and letting down of the guard of citizens. With confidence in American spending and making “America great again,” America becomes singled out as rising above the tension of the world.

It may seem like a good thing for America to raise it up once again. And it is a good thing in a way. However, it may be another Hegelian Dialectic scheme: Problem, Reaction, Solution. Obama managed to dismantle America and put it into an unstable state.  The reaction to elect a Trump Presidency has given confidence that it can be rebuilt. However, the result may instead cause a ripple in the world global economy that cannot compete and keep up with America. Europe will falter, and making America’s progress of prosperity actually vain, thus crumbling it as well. When they say “peace and safety” sudden destruction will fall upon them.

By allowing America to gain in economic prosperity, it may shake up and destabilize the rest of the world and knock it off-balance. This isolated prosperity can ruffle the world and send the global stability downward. That is a problem. And the result will be the solution of the forever cherished desire for a New World Order. It is what the Elitists have salivated for over several centuries, at least since the Rothschilds built their dynasty and drafted Adam Weishaupt to develop plans for the Illuminati takeover in 1776.

Without making rash predictions, I have put together these simple scenarios to make speculations. Of course these are only speculations and could be altered and shaped several times until their fulfillment. And that won’t happen until everything is in place, or at least seemingly having an opening to usher in.

Several variables come to play. The Secret Societies will converge and agree. Actually all to fall in line with the Illuminati under one unity. The world conditions will need to call for it. The people must be ultimately controlled, which will come about by forcing them into a buying and selling requirement. And God, the Father in heaven, must see that He is being aroused and must intervene to bring the climax to its final prophetic conclusion. And that will happen when he sees no turning from wickedness, the Antichrist in its ripened state of completion and awaiting to be revealed, the nations ready to comply, He sends a strong delusion, and then puts in the hearts of the nations to accept the Beast system under Mystery Babylon. We once again hold our breath in anticipation.

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