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Author: Thomas Wolf,

The entertainment industry is known for its promiscuity, perversions, and even occult activity. The environment of entertainment is inherently toxic and awards its own set of troubles. Perhaps because of the spirit that is behind the drive for fame, fortune, and wealth. And the nature of the industry is expected to have its curse. We will discuss what is behind it.

Entertainers are trapped in a toxic environment. The industry is not sensitive to the performer’s needs and wants, except to exploit them by temptations. It is a tempting of pleasures, lusts, as well as promise of fame, fortune, and exceptional lifestyles. But inside it is lonely, stressful, and dangerous.

The performer is often molded into what the industry desires. Starting out in innocence, the performer is taken through a step by step transformation, while dangling in front of them temptations to keep them entranced.

Some are controlled through drugs and put under mind control.

Parties serve as connections to networks that if compliant, the participant will be given roles and promises while carrying out sexual performances and giving in to the industry heads.

The industry is involved in occultism and Satanic abuse rituals, as well as witchcraft. The O.T.O. and other groups accompany the industry as controllers, motivators, and ritualistic priests. Handlers are assigned to the performer to keep them in line. If need be, they are pushed into “rehab” for reprogramming.

It is a lustful environment giving into all sorts of immoralities. The environment of entertainment is a toxic one.

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