Fake Jesus

Christ Ravenna

Which Jesus do you know? There are variations of Jesus according to which group you have been associated with. A Freemason Jesus, a New Age Jesus, a Catholic Jesus, even an ecumenical Jesus. However, there is only one true Jesus. The others are a fake Jesus.

The Bible gives the description of the true Jesus. But many groups counterfeit him for their own doctrinal purpose. Why is it important to know which one is authentic? Isn’t just knowing about him enough? This episode goes through some of the variations and why they are dangerous.

  • Freemason Jesus, the cross of light, allegorical Christ
  • Gnostic Jesus, one that is related by flesh. Knowledge and enlightenment
  • New Age Jesus, Christ Consciousness, Jesus an Ascended Master, good prophet
  • Ecumenical Jesus, All inclusive,  the gate is wide, tolerable of sin
  • Cult Jesus, one who is the Messiah of a small club

These versions of Jesus are not the Jesus Christ of Nazareth in the Bibel. Therefore they cannot save. They fall short to man’s false interpretation. And not to the historical Jesus who came in the flesh.

Antichrists deny Jesus in the flesh.

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