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Operation Northwoods false flag proposal

Ever hear of a “false flag?” It is a psychological tactic of a scenario staged, plotted, or provoked to blame a party or distract from something in order to deceive the public into believing someone or something else was the blame. This episode explains false flags with examples in society and how to detect if an incident might be a false flag.


The term “False Flag” originally came as a result of pirate ships approaching enemy ships having the flag waved of the enemy it was approaching, in order to disguise as a friendly ally, only to overtake the ship.

A False Flag in political terms is deliberately plotting a conspiracy of an incident that can be blamed on another party for an agenda of propaganda. It takes a scenario and distracts from the true perpetrators, which could be Intel or official, to put the focus on an alternative purpose and redirect the narrative towards a political agenda or message.

It could be a government plot to plan harming its own citizens in order to stage events to make the case for an action to gain the compliance of the citizens. Operation Northwoods and 9/11 were of this sort.

It can be a scenario of a shooting that started as a single drill turning into a live action in the confusion, then reporting on an active shooter during the drill, or shortly after. Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon, Orlando, and Florida shooting were of this example.

The False Flag can be of several methods:

  • A drill turned into a live active event and making it appear real under false pretense, but is actually done with crisis actors to carry out a simulation.
  • A drill turned into a live active event where an actual perpetrator was somehow directed to the site and carried out an action.
  • A drill turned into a live active event where someone was blamed, but it was an Intel Operation involving other agents.
  • Media coverage before anyone knew the exact narrative and details, confusing the scenario of its origin.
  • An Intel agent carrying out an action and blaming it on a local resident.
  • A mentally unstable victim of psychotic evaluation triggered (mind control) to act upon stimulation that is made into a dramatic scenario.

Many will deny that our own government and its Intel agencies are capable, or diabolical enough, to carry out such a devious plot against its people. We usually look down at other countries and their leaders for harming its own people. The very term “Conspiracy Theory” was developed as a psyoptic term under the Clandestine Services Unit of the CIA in 1967 to dispell any suspicions against the CIA for having to do with the assassination of JFK. The term is meant to make a derogatory trigger in one’s mind against any such mention of “conspiracy” in order to present a disassociation that one dismisses the accusation that upsets one’s already established paradigm. It is called “Cognitive Dissonance.”

Yet we know the government has been involved and active in several harmful operations against its citizens, such as MKULTRA mind control, Operation Gladio, Operation Northwoods, Operation Mongoose, etc. These are simple ones that we know, and have been disclosed to the public as public knowledge.

Northwoods memorandum

Either the government officials plotted such scenarios, or the yield to those carrying them out. Either way, we wonder how those entrusted to protect us could be so sinister.

Signs usually associated to detect a false flag:

  • Media is consumed by the one story that distracts from all else, and brings a dramatized scenario of details used to stir emotion and reaction.
  • The story causes an emotional reaction of defenselessness, hopelessness, and fear.
  • The Officials quickly give a statement too early and have enough details without having enough time to properly compile information to tell that it was an isolated individual even before thorough investigation.
  • Even after obvious questions or further details, the original narrative is adhered to without wavering to blame another party.
  • Media are previously fed the information to report and the numbers to generate.
  • Witnesses on the scene interviewed by media who stray from the official narrative are cut off in mid-sentence before they finish their statement. For example, 9/11 reporters were reporting Building 7 toppling before it happened.
  • Perpetrators blamed for the highly accurate shooting involved have no prior skill necessary for the action carried out, nor the training required for the accuracy accomplished.
  • Drills going on at the same time or just prior at the site that the action is turned live.
  • Advance notice to officials who mysterious called in sick for the day from the scene. Pearl Harbor, 9/11, and Oklahoma City were of this example.

No one wants to believe the worst, that the government we are entrusted to protect us can have some within capable of plotting such evil scenarios against its own. Even in the most evil environment this would be considered wicked. yet we continue to excuse those in power as if it is unlikely they would do anything so evil.

As Hitler once said, it is acceptable that one would carry out a simple little lie, and it be found out. But a larger lie no one would suspect would be as easily or obviously carried out, so no one suspects that such level of a lie would be purposeful. Hence the way to pull it over on the people.


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