How the Illuminati Controlled Information and History

Adam Weishaupt

The Illuminati (that actually did exist) controlled what the public had access to and used their agents to sway the masses into their streams of information. We explain how this was done and the chief orchestrators of this tactic even from the 1700’s.

  • The Illuminati controlled libraries and streams of information to the public.
  • They mastered disinformation and control over media and public information.
  • Their agents read their tampered historical accounts in the public squares as if they were authentic.

Voltaire and Diderot developed the encyclopedia to include science and reason without superstition (religion). And made it a secular account to eradicate Christianity.

The Age of Reason and Enlightenment was simply the Illuminates and their influence to give a perception that they are the intellectual thinkers with Gnostic knowledge, and that their accounts must be accurate. This left question on Christianity as even the scriptures were deemed as allegorical rather than spiritual. Eventually the clergy would join their organizations (Freemasons) to be indoctrinated with Deism.

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