Israel Warns Iran and Syria: The Zionist Saga Continues

Israel warns iran and syria


The world facade still continues…

While many Christians regard the modern Zionist Political State of Israel to be the fulfillment of End Time prophecy of the focus on biblical Israel, the chosen of God, other Christians (including myself) believe the current Israel is a facade.

You see, God chose the tribe of Israel and the promise to come. Abraham has been their promise through faith, however, the law needed to be established for the fulfillment of Messiah to be recognized. As it was a tutor to bring us to Christ, the Jews (Israel) would recognize the Messiah when He came. However, His own did NOT know Him. Incidentally, the Old Covenant was also prophesied to be the precursor to a new and better covenant. And it was also prophesied that His own would reject Him.

Therefore He grafted in Gentiles to the promise of Israel and extended the promise. And this provoked the Jews and had become a stumbling block. No longer was the promise to the Jews, but to Israel as the recipient, which is Jew and Gentile as ONE NEW MAN. Israel was always the promise. And that is the Israel of God.

So what is this hybrid political Israel? Zionists, which I consider Kabbalah occultist Luciferians, had their eye on the land in which the holy city resides. These Zionists hide behind a Jewish face, but are not necessarily Jewish. They are a synagogue of Satan, some claiming a Jewish bloodline, which they do not. Others of the bloodline, but worshiping a false god.

Some forerunners declaring Israel as their own were the Rothschilds. A magazine article in 1829 suspected Rothschilds of purchasing the city of Jerusalem. If this is true, they captured the holy city under abomination and fulfilled the time of the Gentiles so to speak. Since then a political/religious (though claiming sectarian) movement called Zionism rose up. Rothschild petitioned Prime Minister Arthur Balfour to acquire an excuse to declare Israel a State for their cause. The Balfour Declaration documents this in 1917, in which the land of Israel was given to the Zionists as a State in 1948 after WWII and the forming of the United Nations.

Another Zionist sectarian, named Benzion Mileikowsky of Poland, helped the Zionist cause to demand a Zionist Political State of Israel. He later changed his name to Benzion Netanyahu. Yes and had a son named Benjamin, who would be Prime Minister of Israel one day. Can you see an agenda?

The Illuminati, Zionists, Jesuits, Freemason machine has instigated and orchestrated every war since the French Revolution. It is like chess pieces moving on a board. One leader is taken down, another put in to bring a Zionist leader for their control (yes we know God sets up kings and take them down, but they also oppose Him). And many have questioned the unethical inhumane acts of Israel. This the same Zionist playbook being used that has been in power for centuries. The Rothschilds control the financial sector and have established a Central Bank in every nation. Except a few. Any guesses? Syria (questionable), North Korea, and Iran. It takes full control over ther nations before they can fulfill their New World Order. And this is what the Bible says will be nations coming under the Beast. But it is God ultimately allowing them to fulfill what is in their heart when He will be ready to judge the nations.

Can God use this to bring about the End Times? He most certainly can, and likely will. Is this to bring the Jews back in focus and fulfill the promise? The promise was already fulfilled in Christ. The sacrifices are DONE and the new covenant is established. Jews that come MUST come in the same manner as has been prophesied previously, through the Messiah. The re-institutition of the Temple is a facade to bring on an antichrist. Isis finished. Any Jew who wants to have the promise must come through Jesus Christ. The witnesses are already here to tell them the gospel – the Olive Tree and the Church. We have the scriptures, the Messiah, the covenant, the gospel, what more is to be restaged? All that a person needs to know has been given.


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