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The White House under President Trump released 2,900 or so classified files on 10/26/2017 related to former President John F. Kennedy’s assassination on Nov 22, 1963. Will we see the rest of the papers? In this episode we analyze a few to confirm some of the conspiracy theories that have been denied for the past several years.

The White House released a number of documents on the previously Classified Files of the JFK Assassination, and of other related documents, both leading up to his assassination on Nov 22, 1963, and years after. But they are still keeping some “sensitive” records under wraps.

Senior administration official told reporters some sensitive documents are being held for 180 days due to concerns from some intelligence agencies. Those documents, an official said, are being reviewed by the agencies to determine whether they actually affect national security.

“I have no choice — today — but to accept those redactions rather than allow potentially irreversible harm to our nation’s security,” the president wrote in a memo released by the White House on Thursday evening ahead of the release.

The president said he is ordering agencies to review “each and every one of those redactions” over the next 180 days.

“At the end of that period, I will order the public disclosure of any information that the agencies cannot demonstrate meets the statutory standard for continued postponement of disclosure,” Trump wrote.

So the question is whether the files released will disclose sensitive information, will disclose matters of national security, cause harm to Intelligence agencies, or will cause disgruntled reaction of the public and cause a suspicion of governmental officials.

These files would finally expose what many have only speculated or suspected these so many years after the incident. That accused gunman Lee Harvey Oswald wasn’t the only person involved in Kennedy’s murder.

Mainstream coverage informed the public that nothing new is released that we didn’t already know and that the files did not reveal anything more confirming of any conspiracy theories. So carry on… They simply suggested to the public that they basically recited the official narrative. So therefore there is no need to further investigate.

But do they?

Almost immediately after the Warren Commission in 1964 ruled that Oswald had been the lone gunman, conspiracy theories started to circulate over whether he had been the only shooter and whether the CIA had been involved in the Kennedy assassination.

A letter from longtime CIA official Tennent Bagley to the chief lawyer for the House assassinations committee arguing that he had been smeared by testimony about the agency’s handling of Soviet defector Yuri Nosenko, who had monitored Oswald while he lived in the Soviet Union between 1959 and 1962. Nosenko said the Soviet KGB did not try to recruit Oswald, because they considered him unstable. Bagley and other agents suspected Nosenko might be a Soviet double agent and interrogated him harshly for three years. In 1969, the CIA acknowledged Nosenko was a legitimate defector.

But before investigators were able to fully question Oswald, he was shot and killed on Nov. 24, 1963, by Texas nightclub owner Jack Ruby – adding more fuel to the speculative fire that the U.S. government was hiding what it knew about the assassination.

The subsequent report by the Warren Commission, which was established by President Lyndon B. Johnson, did little to quell either the rumors that Oswald was killed to cover up a government conspiracy or the doubts that a lonely, alienated gunman could have fired such accurate and rapid shots.

But we have discovered several facts about the assassination. First of all, Ruby had more connections than was let on. And many documents went into the background of Ruby. Hardee mentioned Ruby had a “good in” with Dallas Police Dept. Dallas officials taking money from Ruby for various reasons as considering Ruby a PD pawn.

And we find that Ruby and Oswald met prior and knew each other. And that Ruby gave Oswald his occupation to put him near the target spot. And that he may have been tipped off to the President’s expected route.

Evidence of multiple shooters 1/31/64 according to Potito, only two organizations knew the route of the parade, Secret Service and Dallas Police Dept.
[SEE DOC 44-187]

Other suspicions revealed in the documents:

The CIA had at least 40 people working for them in media…

16 out of 16 forensic doctors agreed there was a large exit wound to the back of the head of JFK. Entrance wound was covered up and doctored.

Dallas police were informed someone would attempt to assassinate Oswald and failed to provide coverage.


Ledgers of payments to Cuban exile groups working to overthrow the government of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, who defeated a brigade of CIA-backed exiles who tried to overthrow him through a failed invasion at the Bay of Pigs in April 1961. Kennedy had vowed to depose Castro.

The agency historian wrote that McCone purposely did not tell the commission about CIA-Mafia plots to kill Castro, some of which had been planned at the Mexico City station.

Evidence of false flag in Miami to blame Cuba called Operation Mongoose. Oswald may have been targeted as an agent to blame and use for the assassination tying him with Mexico City.

JFK Files: The CIA Planned To Murder American Citizens In Miami And Blame It On Cuba During Operation Mongoose

“Pretexts” for war with Cuba that described a plan, under Operation Mongoose, to conduct false flag terror attacks in Miami, to be blamed on Cuba but actually carried out by the Central Intelligence Agency.

“Operation Mongoose” was the operational name for the CIA’s plan to topple the Castro government which we now know included purposefully killing our own citizens.

The time was 1962, the same year that brought us the now infamous Operation Northwoods, which was also a plan to kill American citizens as a pretext for war with Communist Cuba.

“On April 12th, 1962, General Lansdale forwarded to Maxwell Taylor an “advance copy” of the Joint Chiefs paper on “Pretexts” stating, I am informed that the Chiefs approve of this,” reads the document.

“We could develop a Communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Florida cities and even in Washington. We could sink a boatload of Cubans enroute to Florida (real or simulated),” the false flag plan reads.

“We could foster attempts on lives of Cuban refugees in the United States even to the extent of wounding in instances to be widely publicized. Exploding a few plastic bombs in carefully chosen spots, the arrest of a Cuban agent and the release of prepared documents substantiating Cuban involvement also would be helpful in projecting the idea of an irresponsible government.”

Here is a supplement video showing the documents in this podcast.


Trump confirms “all JFK files are released” after latest clash with spy agency



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