Mandela Effect Delusion

Many have been taken by this phenomenon called “Mandela Effect” that started when a New Ager Fiona Broome discovered at a conference that several had similar memory of Nelson Mandela dying in prison to find out he was released and died only a few years ago.

Other seemingly suspected “crossovers” from alternate dimensions and other suggestions were submitted of phrases and titles people remember that are not so now after considering them.

Some collectively remember BERENSTEIN Bears rather than BERENSTAIN which it now reads. LOONY TUNES is now written with a “U” rather than two “Os” as some remember. And Darth Vader apparently never said, “Luke, I am your father.” Forest Gump is accused of being switched from the alternative universe to now have said, “My momma always said, ‘life WAS like a box of chocolates…’ ”

A crossover of parallel universes? Interference with other dimensions? A result of CERN? A supernatural Quantum parallel switch? Many suggestions are offered. But none that would be any more rational than we have just experienced collective “false memory” or have been conditioned by suggestive impressions.

Personally I remember BERENSTAIN because I questioned it several years ago. I picked up the book series for a daycare I owned and realized it then. This was more than 15 years ago. I also remember “Sex AND the City” because then at the time several years ago it sounded funny since many had been saying it as “Sex IN the City.” No crossover phenomenon for me there. I also remember that Nelson Mandela was released from prison BEFORE he died because I never heard of him before that time. upon his release is how I came to even know his name. Perhaps I too came crossed over from the alternate parallel universe with the other parallel phrases and events as some suggest, and am not from this dimension but from the other (insert Twilight Zone theme here…).

We have faced a dilemma of questioning our reality and denying our own thoughts as we rely on our own memory on how we THOUGHT we may have heard it. But the consensus is what is driving us to believe it. Could so many people at once stuck in this delusion? Perhaps this be a mass psyop. Well, considering how we collectively got to where we are now in society along with the masses, I wold say, “Yes, it is possible.”

Suggestion is a very strong illusion. As we have heard it from those who recite it slightly different, it embeds a specific planted thought within our memory. In that when corrected it leaves us in a paradigm shift. Our mind switches to question it and we are stuck in a mental quagmire. But suggestion is what is used in witchcraft. Many are susceptible by suggestive thoughts and impressions. This is how hypnotism works. And many have been subliminally, perhaps unwittingly, subject to it. Some will insist this has changed supernaturally rather than admit they had been taken. And it lends to believing in a great mystery of science fiction. We all like science fiction, right?

Perhaps this is a great experiment of the Shadow Government Intel agencies as a psyops experiment. Planted several years ago with the misinterpretations planned to divert us in this time to question our reality. Either way, this is manipulation, this is witchcraft. A strong manipulative delusion. IF in the very least this is truly some scientific phenomenon, it is STILL at the very least wicked and demonic. So the spiritual element is present.

When we question trivial phrases, that is one thing. But now it is serious as it has many questioning the integrity of the Word of God, the Bible. Those who are SURE they have not regarded ANY translations except the KJV, and they insist they have always been KJV only, refuse to believe they have gotten their verses wrong, and to suggest it is a question to their integrity. Rather they have come to question the words of their very own Bible. And this is dangerous. Perhaps Satan’s biggest feat yet to date.

People are questioning if the Word has been altered. This is worse then actual Bible translations some accuse of being altered with translation errors. Now their very 1611 KJV is a victim of supernatural changes according to them, leaving some denying the reliability of their own version they once held as a foundation. The devil is crafty with this one.

The first time I heard of this phenomenon was over the KJV verse of Matthew 9:17 questioning whether it always read bottles rather than wineskins. People are sure they insist it read wineskins. Was this supernaturally changed? My mind went into a short delusional paradigm shift to question reality when it was brought to my attention. I felt foggy. I felt a delusional tug. I had to test it and questioned some. Many remembered wineskin. However, others did remember bottles. But looking at dictionary explanations, like the Smith’s Dictionary of 1860, bottles is an old word meaning vessels or containers of skin. The reason it is questioned is because we have been conditioned to see bottles representing modern drinks. It gives us a picture of hourglass shapes like the Coke bottle. However, bottles hasn’t always looked as such. We just have it embedded in our minds that way and now question when it is brought up. It doesn’t sound naturally as 1611 Old English language.

However, there are many who subliminally rendered in their own marginal comments that this is wineskins. And many teach it with that phrase since many other translations have rendered it as such. So instantly we think of wineskins rather than bottles and bottles now seems so peculiar. But could it just as rationally have been that now that our attention is focused on it, we have gotten it in our minds the common modern rendering to question what it always said?

Another one that gets people is Isaiah 11:6 and 65:25 that tells it is the WOLF that lies down with the lamb. Not the LION as many remember. Again, a switch of reality and supernatural change? That is what many regard rather than realize we had been subject for a long time to pictures and images of a lion sitting with a lamb. And now the attention to it causes a cognitive dissonance and we have been taken by the hypnotic pull of the psyops.

This is one I know was the way it is now written because several years ago my Bible study partner and I were looking through scriptures identifying several places where people have rendered wrong translations of scripture when in fact it read another. We brought up Isaiah 11:6 and 65:25. My friend pointed out how many do not realize it is the WOLF here, not the LION that feeds with the lamb. And then several years later this is brought up as a supernatural switch. No, it was there years ago. we have just been conditioned to hear it the other way. With so many images and renderings picturing a lion with a lamb, is it any wonder that;s how we assume it to be? As I said before, possibly a planned psyops for this moment in time to make us question the very Word? I don’t know. But it sure is suspect nonetheless.

People insist to believe these supernatural phenomenons. The same people who mock others for believing in ghosts and aliens from other planets have been taken by THIS one.

Some suspect the Large Hadron Collider known as CERN. But there is no proof it has been able to cross parallel universes to switch realities. If anything CERN and it’s D-Wave computer MAY have been able to confuse the mind and induce false memory and sedation with virtual suggestion. The D-Wave quantum computer is involved with very crafty virtual experiments that MAY be able to alter frequencies in our brain patterns and alter OUR thinking or recall of memory. But that it has control over supernatural and physical changes has not been proven. Nor is likely rationally possible.

At the very least, this is a manipulation and strong delusion. Satan will come with signs and lying wonders. And this is a whopper. Many questioning the integrity of the Word itself, even the KJV, which by the way, is the ONLY altered version in question. Some say because it is the only Authorized Version worth tampering. Still I think it is a case of false memory and a delusional suggestion that fringes on the aspect of witchcraft.

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