Mystery of Secret Societies

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The mysterious conspiracy of Secret Societies running the world has been a suspicions for centuries, and even millenniums. They have been the discussion of a Society having the influence to develop the systems and to run the aspects of our social and religious lives.

There is much confusion over the Secret Societies as to which is leading the pack. The notorious Secret Societies we speak of are the Knights Templar, Knights of Malta, Rosicrucians, Freemasons, Jesuits, Illuminati. Then the splinter groups, such as the Skull and Bones, Thule Society, Theosophical Society, and newly discovered LeCerce, and such.

At one time or another one or several of these groups seemed to rival for occupation and dominance, stepping over one another for authority and control over the system. The Freemasons seem to have had some lead position, until the Jesuits became more prestigious in educational sectors. And always the Illuminati are accused as being on top.

Truth is these are all controlled Societies of the Gnostics and Illuminates which control systems within their top bloodlines that can be traced back through the ages since the beginning of time. They have been instructed and influenced by the Fallen Ones, who was set up by their chief leader Lucifer (Ephes 6). There is a hierarchy order. And in a council with the Kings and rulers they govern the system to overtake Yahweh God and his anointed (Psalm 2).

They each have their place and role, governed by the top Councils of the Illuminati bloodlines. While they are still divided, they are converging in the end times to consolidate their efforts to fulfill their goal of taking over the world and prevent judgment of humans over the angels. And fulfill the challenge of Lucifer in Isaiah 14.


The most popular Secret Society are the Freemasons. While they are considered a semi-secret society, they have a facade of being an innocent gentlemen club for the upholding of morality, liberty, and justice. Some consider it a Christian organization, yet they have symbols and decor that are connected with pagan deities and Egyptian Mysticism. Despite this, many hold that the Masonic Lodge is not religious in nature and accepts the membership of anyone who believes in a god. Though is based upon Christian values, according to some. While denying any religious aspects, the place in which the ceremonies and rituals are conducted are in fact called “Temples.”

Freemasons have initiation oaths conducted in their invitation ceremonies. While some do not find them disturbing, others get an eerie sense out of what is spoken in this ceremony. The actual elements of the Oath recited can be found here.

One thing that is common among Secret Societies is the initiate advances in degrees learning more of the Society’s secrets and meaning of their symbols. As one rises through the steps, the god in which he was initiated upon entry now begins to have an allegorical context that equates it with other gods. Then as one goes higher in level, his god diminishes as the Masonic God is defined, and the initiate is slowly indoctrinated to incorporate the Masonic God with his.

In the writings of Masonic authors such as Albert Pike and Manly P. Hall, they begin to blur the definition of God to a unified Masonic image. The Christ is related to the things created, such as the Sun, Moon, and Stars as equating with understanding the Great Architect. And the Light is eventually revealed by identifying with the giver of Light, who is the Light-Bearer, Lucifer in Latin. So it becomes a Luciferian initiation.

Evangelist Charles Finney admitted being a Mason prior to his conversion to Christ and evangelism. However, he spent much time after that exposing Freemasonry in which was published in 1869. He denounced it and warned the church against Masonry calling it “unfruitful works of darkness.” It was confessed to him that Captain Morgan was assassinated by Masons. He revealed that nearly all civil offices in the country were in the hands of Freemasons and that the Press was also under their control [1].

Joining him in exposing Freemasonry was Torrey and D.L. Moody. Torrey stated, “I do not believe it is possible for a man to be an intelligent Christian and an intelligent Mason at the same time [2].

Theosophical Society

The library for further teaching in Theosophy is through an organization called Lucis Trust. Originally called Lucifer Publishing, Lucis Trust holds the authority of esoteric education. In its main book, Externalization of the Hierarchy we see it take the student through a very ecumenical path of unity between the Christian faith and Buddhism. The New Ager student advances through the motion of accepting the unity of Christ and Buddha.

Lucis Trust is responsible for writing the basic 24 Esoteric writings for the New Age and has influenced the policies of the United Nations. And that is what is used to draft its policies for World Federation regulations.

Theosophy takes an allegorical approach of Christ as the manifestation of the will of God in Love as the Spirit of peace, and the Buddha as the achievement of illumination as the Force of Light. Together they work in harmony. But not as the person of Christ as the Messiah. Only as one of the Avatars who embodies the example of Consciousness in us all.

This is taught by it’s education of wisdom. And the core of the “seed groups.” This makes up the Planetary Logos. Through this humanity can relate to Shambella. Buddha as will-wisdom, and Christ as love-wisdom.

What it claims is that this is the doctrine of the Avatars, a continuation of divine Revelation, which has been a persistent belief and found in the basic world religions. In Hindu it is manifest as Maitreya. In other faiths as something else.

One World Religion

One thing I have noticed is that while these groups are polytheistic in nature, bent on worshipping the Sun God, they still use the basis of Christianity in order to promote their service as a cover. I believe the reason is because Jesus Christ is the true Messiah of the world, and they know that no matter how much they try, they cannot abolish it. So they have absorbed it into their philosophy in attempt to subdue it from within.

A tedious work of information that gives us a clue as to the intent of the coming One World Religion that will be offered to us all. Including the Christian. And this to bring upon a new religion, but one that is of old. A Mystery Babylon that Secret Societies have been working to achieve to bring the world under its New World Order. Intended to water down Christianity rather than abolish it. And thus defeat its influence from working within and making it compatible with the World Religion of the New World Order. And this is the essence of the Mystery Babylon that was attempted in the beginning. The reconstruction of a New Atlantis. But their plans will not succeed. As they will be brought down by the true God, Yahweh and his anointed Jesus Christ.


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