New Age and Halloween with Laura Maxwell

Laura Maxwell

My guest Laura Maxwell brings us her interesting perspective on the New Age beliefs and their relationship with Halloween. She will tell her testimony and how she came to know inside the New Age and Spiritism, then how she came out of it to the salvation of Jesus Christ.

Laura will share her insight on New Age and its relationship with Halloween. She explains the New Age philosophy and how some New Agers use Halloween to lure people into the Craft.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What New Age believes
  • The foundation of New Age
  • New Age and Witchcraft
  • The purpose of New Age
  • How Halloween is used in New Age
  • The likely reason October was chosen for Halloween
  • What approach we should take to Halloween

Laura’s website is found at

More information from Laura’s blog about Halloween

Laura LIVE on Revelation TV on Halloween night.

My past interview with Laura

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