New Age Fallacy

New Age spiritualism
Source: Author: Klaus Eltrop

New Age is the belief that one can be their own god. In the same essence, they believe that they somehow can reach the Universal Divinity of the universe.

They have taken in the Serpent’s doctrine, two principles; one that You shall be as gods knowing good and evil, and the second that you shall not surely die.

New Agers take on a nature of false spirituality hidden by the cover of narcissism and self-awareness. This is Satanism, which is self-realization and denial of God.

The teachings in New Age talk about experiencing God through love, through nature, through things. This called “Source.” They attempt to reach divinity through indirect means of feeling to touch a Universal Divine essence. But this falls short of a personal relationship with a real Person of God. Though New Agers do not believe this is necessary, nor is it true that God is a person. To them it is the head of the Universal Force, Nameless and abstract. Most of all impersonal.

But something happens to New Agers as they progress. They tend to take on spiritual guides, called Ascended Masters, who teach them further spirituality. These are nothing more than channeled spirits. They must first acquire the invitation of the invoker. Then they take a life of their own to control the host. When the host resists, they counter with violence or mental delusion, or confusion, etc.

Some are eventually told that Jesus Christ is nothing more than an Ascended Master. And a lower one at that. And that He needed to himself learn spirituality by becoming the Christ. But New Agers are taught they can become the Christ. This is called “Christ Consciousness.”

This is false spirituality and leads to death. The scriptures say you can choose life or death, but encourages to choose life.

Jesus is the way the truth and the life. He is not just a way to truth, He is THE WAY TO TRUTH. And one must see Him to see the father, because no merit is great enough to see God. Only through the redemptive effort of Jesus can one transfer his sin onto another and be granted redemption. Jesus paid that price, and it was proven by His resurrection. And you can too be resurrected by believing in Him.
God so loved the world that whosoever believe in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.

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