New Age and Occult Luciferianism

Madame Helena Blavatsky in the 1800’s promoted a spiritism that would invoke spirit guides for the betterment of society. Her belief is known as Theosophy, God-wisdom, that claims higher consciousness spiritual enlightenment. This developed into the Theosophist Society in which many world leaders have adopted as their belief system, such as United Nations past Assistant Secretary-Generals Robert Muller and Maurice Strong. In Blavatsky’s wake came Aleister Crowley and Alice Bailey.

While Crowley promoted a dark sinister variation of occultism, sexual rituals, and Satanism, Alice Bailey founded Lucis Trust to promote 24 esoteric books used as the basis for modern New Age and the furthering of Theosophy.

Those who dabble in horoscopes, New Age, psychic phenomena, channeling, Reiki, Intergalactic Cosmic consciousness, UFOlogy, Alien Ascension, most likely follow the doctrines of New Age. Included are also doctrines promoting a New Age peace, love, and unity.

What many do not realize is that Blavatsky was a Luciferian. She openly declared that Lucifer was her god. Alice Bailey also proclaims the same, as her agency was originally called “Lucifer Publishing” before changing its name to “Lucis Trust.” The connections are obvious. And disciples of her movement, Marilyn Ferguson, David Spangler, Benjamin Creme, and others believe the same.

From it came over 150 offshoot religions and education centers to indoctrinate the Luciferian Doctrines, including the Arcane School and Findhorn Foundation. Those education centers taught clairvoyance, medium channeling, spiritism, psychic development, and witchcraft.

However, the teachings of New Age mask the emphasis on the name of Lucifer. Instead other attributes are given to him, such as light, love, cosmic energy, and Christ Consciousness. Other names are used that are manifestations of Lucifer, such as Lord Maitreya and Sanat Kumara, Christ, Messiah, and even God.

The New Age teaches a counterfeit to Christian spirituality. Instead it created a front of seeking spirituality from knowledge, divinity, and awareness. It calls on God and the light, which are alter names they use for Lucifer. And then even naming Jesus as one of their Ascended Masters, which is only the name of one lower form spirit in their belief.

David Spangler once had a post in the United Nations as Director of Planetary Initiation, which he developed policies that would steer towards Luciferian Doctrine. In his own writings he stated that no one will enter the New Age without a Luciferic Initiation. Evidence of this post was once displayed on U.N. literature and on their website but since has been deleted.

Blavatsky and Bailey channeled spirit guides to lead them towards drafting their doctrine to summon Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood, a spiritist phrase for conjuring demons and fallen angels. But they teach that they are calling on previous Masters, alien ancestors from the Atlantean Race who travel to different planets. That is where the New Age brings in aliens, UFO, and Intergalactic Cosmic beliefs.

In the Bible, Lucifer was a pre-fallen name of the chief cherub of God’s spiritual hosts. He fell to rebellion against Yahweh God (Isaiah 14) and thus had been dubbed as the adversary, which in Hebrew was haSatan. He was cast out of heaven and fell to earth where he manifested as a Serpent and corrupted mankind through Eve tempting her to eat of a forbidden fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (Genesis 3). He told her God was tryign to prevent her from being a god and that she could eat of it to receive illumination of knowing good and evil and become like God. Mankind became increasingly wicked and perverted and God destroyed the first attempt in a flood over the whole earth to destroy the city that was only evil continually.

In New Age, the account is told differently. In NEw Age doctrine, Lucifer, who is the Light Bearer, came from Venus to free man from the corruptness that was done by Adonai. In their account, Lucifer is the good God and Adonai (Yahweh God) was the impostor who bound man from becoming gods. They believe that Atlantis was the first epicenter of the earth and that Adonai was jealous of their freedom and destroyed the earth. Lucifer was the giver of life to man.

New Age Luciferians deny that Lucifer is the same being as Satan. Which is why they deny that they believe in Satan. And they believe that Lucifer gives them illumination, power and life. But the Bible tells that Satan masquerades as an angel of light, and his ministers ministers of righteousness, but who’s end is death. In other words, he may offer an enticing prize, but in the end that leads to death. Separation from God, separation from life, and judgment.

Now, Spiritists may not realize they summon Lucifer, but the higher teachers are quite aware of the fact. Many New Agers and lower forms of witchcraft teach that you summon “The Force.” Secret Societies teach to receive “The Light.” While these abstract terms seem to hide the deity behind it, they refer to Lucifer the Light Bearer nonetheless.

Luciferians (whether they go by that name or not) resist Christians, even though they appear to befriend them. They have a doctrine of Christ in their belief that Jesus is one of the Ascended Masters. If one is not keen, they will make you think they are Christians trusting in Jesus, when they are occultists trusting in Christ-Consciousness. Their version of Christianity is believed by them as a much higher form of enlightenment that transcends the lower form of Christianity.

Luciferians can occupy high positions of power. Many are associated with Secret Societies. Even some members of clergy are initiated into Freemason organizations that they can be indoctrinated with Luciferianism. However, they do not realize that until higher degrees, if at all. It is very subtle. But it is said that Christian clergy is the most sought after position for Masons. Some denominations have New Agers slipped into their boards.

While those in New Age believe they have a more sophisticated belief of Christianity, their knowledge is counterfeit. It is why Luciferians loath true Christianity and have to get it out of the way to accommodate their New World Order. The power of Christ in true believers hinder the spirits operating in their plan. Yes, they can accomplish much, but overall the total completeness of their agenda is restrained. Their demons they summon attempt to resist Christians and retaliate, so the spiritual warfare is day by day confrontations, whether subtle or great, in that Christians must be true and always have on their spiritual armor (Ephesians 6).

The demonic spirits are increasing in intensity. Their influence is rising in society among the public, politicians, and even nation leaders. Many have been bewitched by the spirits behind this belief. And as Satan has free will to reign, save some boundaries, he can manipulate and work through the sons of iniquity by the spirits that control mankind. He works through emotions and reaction, stirring up strife, bitterness, and hatred. But the devil comes only to main, kill, and destroy. He doesn’t admire mankind, nor is subject to it. Only that accomplishes his purpose and makes him the subject of worship.

The thief comes not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: but Jesus Christ came that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly (John 10:10).

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