New Age Progression

The New Age is a concept that was coined after the beliefs of the Theosophical Society founded upon the principles of Helena Blavatsky in 1877. Blavatsky was cited as being a mystic, Satanist, witch, and Luciferian occultist. In her books Isis Unveiled (1877) and The Secret Doctrine (1888), Blavatsky claimed that her Society was conveying the essence of all world religions, and it thus emphasized a focus on comparative religion.

The beliefs she incorporated as her doctrine was based on Christian Mysticism (Rosicrucian), Jewish Mysticism (Kabbalah), Satanism, witchcraft, Eastern Mysticism, and may occult themes. Her beliefs were under an esoteric philosophy she called Theosophy. Somewhere I read that Blavatsky suggested that the Theosophist agenda not be revealed until 100 years after its philosophies have been infiltrated into society and would be accepted.

A Theosophist named Alice Bailey believed she channeled a “Master of Wisdom named Djwal Khul. Masters of wisdom were of the “Ascended Masters” of the “Great White Brotherhood,” an ancestry of ancient spirits.

Bailey split from the Theosophist Society to form a splinter group. In 1922 she founded Lucifer Publishing, a publishing agency for the furthering of New Age doctrines and teachings. Lucifer Publishing soon changed its name to Lucis Trust in order to avoid controversy and misunderstanding of their practices and beliefs. They started the Arcane School in 1923 to educate doctrines of New Age to further generations. This school provided educational correspondence, meditation instruction, and guided study based on her writings, which now includes 24 original esoteric works under Lucis Trust.

Bailey’s works were similar to Blavatsky’s but had more to do with religious themes and co-existence of other faiths, as well as infiltrating Christianity. While her writings were different than Christianity, they would be adopted to make compatible in a subliminal form. Her organization believed they had a higher level of understanding Christianity in a pure form of divinity within, and that one could obtain the esoteric level of reaching “Christ Consciousness.” of course this was a contamination of true Christianity, but to the thirsty, it provided an attractive path to obtain divine wisdom.

Her vision of a unified society included a global “spirit of religion” different from traditional religious forms and including the concept of the Age of Aquarius. She promoted peace, harmony, unity, and love under the esoteric Consciousness of light. Which is why light is very instrumental in expressing the modern form of Enlightenment, which could be said to extend from Luciferian doctrines.

In 1945 a world agency formed, known as the United Nations. This agency was first attempted in 1919 under the banner of the League of Nations, but failed to gain acceptance. After WWII the U.N. was accepted. This agency was promoted and indoctrinated by Lucis Trust, and hosted its library on its premises until moving down the block.

The United Nations adopted many of the doctrines of Lucis Trust as its foundation to enact policies. Several activities of Lucis Trust were hosted by the U.N. including “World Goodwill,” and “Triangles.” World Goodwill was intended to promote better human relations through goodwill which they define as “love in action”. That “action” included support of the United Nations. The “Triangles” are triads of people who would link up in thought to mediate on human relations, visualising light and love, and promoting the “Great Invocation.” The U.N. even has meditation rooms within its quarters that many unite for this purpose, and also promote invitation for education under Lucis Trust, which many members attend.

New Age writers and gurus such as David Spangler, Benjamin Creme (founder of Findhorn Foundation), and Marilyn Ferguson (author of the “Aquarian Conspiracy”) admit that Lucifer is their Messiah. However, they do not believe him to be the fallen one that the Bible describes him as. Which is why many New Agers despise Christianity. And claim that it was Christians that falsely made Lucifer out to be the villain, while they believe Adonay and Jesus Christ are truly the imposters.

The United Nations is a Luciferian agency. This is proven by it’s hidden New Age philosophies masked behind political policies. And the fact that several of its Secretary Generals and Directors, such as the late Robert Muller and Maurice Strong both of whom were admitted New Age Theosophists dedicated to the occult and Luciferianism. Many policies are influenced by the doctrines of Lucis Trust and Theosophy.

If we follow the pattern of progress in today’s developments, we see some esoteric hints.

Age of Aquarius

2015 was declared International Year of Light. The Light of New Age, which is Enlightenment of Lucifer, who is the Light Bearer who shines onto man forbidden occult knowledge for those able to receive.

2016 was declared Year of the Pulse. A unity of heartbeat of love for the coming World Order. Even Christian churches participated in the ecumenical unity with Vatican under the “Together” event. We had exposed the hidden images at the event that linked directly to the occult and to the Illuminati. Hear my podcast report of it here.

2017 is considered the Year of Peace. Their version of peace is New Age. One that is all inclusive IF conformed to the unity under Luciferian light.

However 2017 is also the Year of Sustainable Tour of Development, or Sustainable Development. That is a fancy term to mean natural selection. One that is regulated by an agency and involves Depopulation to bring population into ratio with resources. The New Age, while promoting peace and love, requires the Environment to be enabled to sustain life. Therefore a cleansing must occur. This will demand a decrease of the population to less than 500 million. This is stated on the mysterious Georgia Guidestones, a New Age plaque in Georgia dedicated to their doctrines.

In New Age the “Age of Aquarius” is considered a time when the planets align awaiting the final New Age fulfillment. The 60s and 70s was the time of revealing the New Age of the “Dawning of the Age of Aquarius.”

Consider this. September 23, 2017 is when the planets will align for the first time in thousands of years (I think 7000). So could this be the fulfillment of the New Age? The Age of Aquarius commences the Externalisation of The Hierarchy when Lord Matreiya, the New Age Messiah, and a manifestation of Sanat Kumara (Satan scrambled, Lucifer incarnate), fulfills the reign of Lucifer on planet Earth. And a release of their Great White Brotherhood that the Ascended Masters will be summoned to bring their PEACE, who are actually the Fallen Angels.

David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiation for the U.N. said no one would be able to enter the New World Order without a Luciferic Initiation.

Some interpret Revelation Chapter 12 in the Bible as also indicating a sign of this alingment as an indicator. Are we in that stage of New Age? Even if we are not, the New Age occultists  will use it to confirm their fulfillment and move things along. Perhaps even self fulfill their own prophecy, unwittingly pushing the scriptures of prophecy into motion. Yes, they could be the ones who hasten their own judgment. Then it may also bring in the stage of the appearing of Antichrist soon.

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