Proof the United States Acts like a Global Bully with Acts of Terror | Guest Author

Global Bully

Could the United States be considered a global bully? Find out how the Elite use the U.S. to pressure other nations and how the inside Shadow Government has influenced other nations through its control over the United States.

When people think of terrorism today, they often think of radical Islamic groups committing atrocities against the populace. Although these are horrific events, governments are also capable of actions that equate to terrorism, and they usually have more resources available to do so. The United States has become an imperialistic force by bullying other countries and people and requiring submission to its policies. If Americans want to keep their liberties and see their country viewed more positively in the world, a change of policies is required.

Our guest, Craig Peterson Jr, is author of Global Bully: How The United States has supported and Committed acts of Terrorism from the Cold War to today.

Find his book at Amazon here.

Craig can be found at http://the global

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