Report: Ozone Hole Has Shrunk by More Than Four Million Square Kilometers

In the period from 2000-2015, the hole in the ozone layer shrank by more than 4 million square kilometers—nearly a billion acres.

That that means is either Climate Change regulations imposed by the United Nations and Environmentalists has worked and there is no need for further alarm, or that the Climate Change Alarmists have been using false information to create a crisis where there isn’t one.

Most intelligent people know that nature has a way of balancing itself out. And that the man-made interference is affecting some, but not enough to create a worldwide economic reversal or any need for hysteria. Besides, with the amount of government toxins, HAARP Programs, Chemtrails, etc, the crisis is created by the very political hacks who are crying wolf. It is politically motivated. And an agenda.

Source: Report: Ozone Hole Has Shrunk by More Than Four Million Square Kilometers

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