Revealing Trump’s Illuminati Bloodline

Many have claimed Trump is an Illuminati. But only that he must be without knowing the actual connections, or tracing his genealogy.

The Illuminati we speak of is not a membership organization, but is a tracing of bloodlines that go back to days of antiquity. The Illuminates believe they have rights to the world and that they can trace their lineage to the early patriarchs of society and the Mystics of ancient origins.

Some claim Trump is Illuminati without making connections to his bloodline. We have uncovered his bloodline and links to the Royal Family, right to the specific bloodline that may have claim to the Seed of Satan. This bloodline claims to have the genealogy of Jesus, as well as that of the lost tribe of the Benjaminites, making them claimed heir to Jerusalem. This controversial topic is not for the weak-minded.

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