Romantic Encounters with Ghosts and Aliens | Laura Maxwell

Laura Maxwell

Laura Maxwell is our guest and she explains ghosts and the infatuation with some who have turned from men to be with ghosts. In this episode she explains Spectrophilia, incubus and sucubus, and the fascination with ghosts in this day. And also Sleep Paralysis. We will explain what ghosts really are and also the dangers of such. And offer help for deliverance.

Laura brings her brand of insight to the topic as she was concerned over the issue made aware of by the media in the U.K. As a concerned ex-spiritist, Laura knows playing with this sort of darkness is very dangerous. She has been a victim, as well as her own mother when they dabbled in the New Age. Laura wants to warn others and persuade them to not follow this temptation.

In this episode:

  • The media and how it has glamorized the phenomenon
  • Celebrities who claim to participate in this practice
  • Why the rise in such practices
  • The true identity of ghosts and what they really are
  • Whether or not Genesis 6 relates
  • Warning in scripture against Familiar Spirits
  • How to find help

Laura has been on the show before. Below is a link to our past discussion on the show. As well as her own website where you can find Laura’s blog, interviews with others, and interesting information.

Laura Maxwell

Laura Maxwell gives her background and testimony


This Morning video of woman who had sex with Ghosts

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