Saddleback Church Youth Mentor Arrested for ‘Lewd Acts’ With Teen Boys; Church ‘Shocked and Grieved’

A volunteer youth mentor with Pastor Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church in Orange County, California, has been arrested on suspicion of lewd acts with at least two teenage boys. The church stated that it is “shocked and grieved” at the development.

When a church this popular, a model to megachurches and Independent churches alike, cannot properly vet their own people, we wonder what is happening. This is the church that founded Purpose Driven Movement by Rick Warren for all modern churches to follow.

Well, let’s first understand that there is no discernment in these churches. Sin has been avoided to be addressed, and tolerance and love are the replacement and excuse for judging with sound principles. Fruit is no longer used as a barometer for maturity, and the Holy Spirit has been reduced to a manifestation of feelings, sensationalism, and lying signs and wonders.

They must have hastily laid hands on men for ministry, as Paul warned not to. Churches are so quick to raise up leaders, they do not even question if they are BORN AGAIN (at least some I have experienced). And they wonder when trouble comes.

Yes we are human and susceptible to the ways of the flesh. We must account for ourselves and work out our salvation with fear and trembling, rather than spit in the eye of God by merely claiming “GRACE” to exempt us from accountability and judgment.

Full Story: Saddleback Church Youth Mentor Arrested for ‘Lewd Acts’ With Teen Boys; Church ‘Shocked and Grieved’

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