Satanic Temple Banned From Twitter

satanic temple Baphomet

What caused that controversial group, called the Satanic Temple, to have Twitter suspend the account of its spokesperson Lucien Greaves? For that the co-founder of the group had threatened to sue Twitter for suspending his account when he retweeted a Tweet calling for someone to burn down the church. Does the Satanic Temple have rights? Is this discrimination against religion? Jim gives his opinion on the matter and explains the inner beliefs of groups such as the Satanic Temple.

Someone posted against the group claiming to be a church suggesting someone burn it down. In response to the Tweet, Greaves retweeted it with a question, and for that Twitter banned him.

Does the Satanic Temple have rights as a group?

The Satanic Temple is not necessarily a religion, as much as it is a publicity statement. They make sarcastic cases against Christianity to make awareness that they have just as much right to put Satan in our face as Christians do Jesus. And wherever the 10 Commandments appear, they have the right to post a display of THEIR doctrine. Which is a statue of the allegorical figure known as the Baphomet.

But the question is do they have a right to have threats against them? They have provoked attention to themselves in the past. This is what they ask for.


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