Satanism is now a cool thing in California, esp. Hollywood

Anna Biller and Baphomet


The following post first appeared at Fellowship of the Minds “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he doesn’t exist.” -Charles Baudelaire

As I have been reporting, Satanism is on the rise. No more is it a taboo of strange rituals in the backwoods. It has made it to become a new political movement. From the Satanic Temple of Lucien Greeves, real name Douglas Mesner, who promotes Baphomet in public places, to the public display of Hollywood and entertainers in simulated occult rituals on stage, Satanism is becoming more mainstream.

Even to the point of Satanic Sexual rituals in public entertainment as a stage scene for those like Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Katy Perry, and now the once innocent Taylor Swift giving up themselves offered on an altar. It has become a mockery, not just of the practice, but of the naive ignorance of the public to not see it right in their face. Many have been conditioned and do not recognize the practice as it boldly displays hidden in plain sight in front of them.

During the Wikileaks Podesta emails, it uncovered an invitation of Tony Podesta to his brother John Podesta, campaign manager of Hillary Clinton, to attend a ritualistic Spirit-Cooking performance of the Hollywood witch named Marina Abramovic. Who incidentally lives not too far from me. She conducts sadistic art in the name of creative performance, in which “pig” blood is splattered on walls, and the participants drink a concoction of blood, urine, breast milk, and semen. All in the name of art of course.

But this is not unimaginable as to what the performance environment attracts and requires. Rituals to prove loyalty of initiation to advance in the industry. Sexual acts to seal one’s commitment and allow bribes on the person. Network parties that host back room Satanic performance rituals. And the Secret Society group known as the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) using the industry to recruit members and conduct the initiations. The Satanic group that was made influential by its leader Aleister Crowley.

Even politicians are not immune to this accusation. One writer, U.K. Guardian contributer Stuart Jeffries, referred to Chelsea Clinton’s “Happy New Year” tweet to the Church of Satan. Jeffries writes:

“Disappointingly, Chelsea Clinton has denied she and her husband practise satanism…. One hopes that, like her father’s denial of having had ‘sexual relations with that woman’, Chelsea’s disclaimer isn’t for real. Doesn’t she realise that the radical power of Satan is having a moment unparalleled since Milton unwittingly made him the badass rebel hero of Paradise Lost? . . . .”

Is it any wonder, her mother Hillary was caught as First Lady leaving the White House to attend Satanic rituals with her coven friends. As according to agent Larry Nichols. She is cited as a Grand Dame of the Illuminati by historian/researcher Fritz Springmeier in his blockbuster work, “Bloodlines of the Illuminati.”

Satanists not only roam rural forests, but they are in our entertainment. They occupy the Oval Office, and they may be in your own neighborhood. Perhaps even in your own household.

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