School Shooting and the Deeper Issue, WWIII In Syria, Charges Against Leaders

Midoridai Junior high School
Credits: Kenphunpui

This episode looks at the Florida School Shooting and analyzes the reasons for it, as well as the deeper issue. We also address the conflict in Syria with Israel, and its biblical prophecy connected.

The tragedy in the Florida school shooting has its suspicions, as do many of the past shootings. There are deeper issues due to the reason for these shootings than the public is able to accept. Was it a false flag? Was it a deliberate agenda? Or was it the act of a mentally disturbed individual? It could be all of the above.

Tension continues between Israel and Syria. The region is destabilized and many wonder if this will be the beginning of WWIII. What is the last remaining factor to declare World War? We will reveal that on this episode. \

Popular leaders are being accused of corruption and perversions. The Pope has been accused of being involved in a ring of pedophiles, Satanic worship, and rituals under a secret cult. Israel’s Prime Minister to be brought up on charges of corruption.

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