Super Bowl 2018 Halftime Esoteric Analysis

Justin Timberlake performs at Super Bowl 2018
Pulled from CNN Entertainment: eDionisio D4s. NFL performance

Some have asked me to do a commentary on the 2018 Super Bowl halftime event as I have done in the past. While visually not that rewarding, and quite boring for conspiracy fanatics who expect a more in-your-face Satanic ritual, it did however give ample measure of esoteric symbolism if one looked carefully.

Justin Timberlake represents the image for the esoteric occult groups who run the music industry, the Kabbalists, the occultists and Luciferians, and the O.T.O. who are behind the scenes with Satanic sexual rituals. So what makes us think he has shed his association.

While seemingly tame, the opening showed MANY geometric shapes, including what I saw as pentagrams and hexagrams crossing. As well as triangles, notorious in ancient occultism. While not overtly recognized, they surely are perceived by the subconscious, which is the alpha level esoteric mind control works on.

These symbols of the Kabbalah were recognized through hermetics by some as far back as Pythagoras, who used calculations and geometry for occult knowledge of the Elite, which goes back to Babylon to ancient Egyptian mystery schools.

One of the theorems is the triangle. And also the forming a cube, which is represented as 2-dimensional in the performance by JT. Then expanded to 3-D, which gives the Pythagorian Theorem for the cube, representing the hexagram, and Saturn worship.

Mystics often use these symbols for “Symbolism Magick” casting spells. Occultists use symbols as conduits for conjuring the incarnation of spirits.

There was much lighting (of course, it was a performance). But Light symbolizes “enlightenment” and the ultimate manifestation of the Illuminate “Light-Bearer” which is Lucifer. Purple has its own symbolism. Hence why Prince was likely manifested on a screen (subconsciously reminding us of Purple Rain).

Prince was also not a fan of JT. So by presenting them together it sort of brought opposing principles (duality) in which bringing together form unity (occult energy for sexual magick).

And all the while JT sung with sexual innuendos to secure the ritual.

So can I make a big deal out of nothing? Yes, and we can also miss the important hidden language. You can take it for what it is worth.

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