The Trump Dilemma

For those who have argued with me about Trump, one side who says I am not regarding him as the controlled opposition he is, and then the other side who say I am not giving him a fair chance as the anti-Establishment individual he is, let me make a clarification to appease BOTH arguments.

IF at the very least Trump intended to carry on his own agenda and cause a ripple in the anti-Establishment as a coupe against them, and that the Elite preferred Hillary Clinton over Trump as he miraculously squeaked in as the undisputed victor, then we must realize the wealthy Oligarchy Elite do not give up and do have ways to control an office.

As a President in THEIR own system, Trump will never have enough power to get done exactly what he would want. The position is controlled. Yes, he may get through some bones to throw at his supporters. But the Elite will get in the way with their so many agents already inside. They will surround the President with seemingly on board people, but who are weak and would turn on a dime for promise of wealth or threats of bribes, and prevent a President from accomplishing his goals. Then they will also use situations to control the circumstances and redirect the President back towards their agenda. Perhaps this MAY slow them down, but it DOESN’T defeat them. They are too powerful.

Before someone hits me with the “God element,” let me just say, yes God is in control. I get that. But God also permits our self-will. Yes God MAY have even allowed Trump in, but that doesn’t mean Trump will do God’s will, nor does it mean God’s will is to bless America by putting Trump in office. What is to say Trump is of God? Christians petitioned for him, perhaps, and now that he is in, they assume God has heard their prayer to bring Peace and Safety once again to America. Remember when they say “Peace and Safety,” sudden destruction will come. And I must question peace and safety to a nation that allows homosexuality, perversions, pagan worship (its own Capital), and Satanic rituals within its own leadership. Unless Trump ventures to decapitate Washington D.C. and demand the idol worship be eliminated, and states our government will NOT tolerate homosexual practices and abortions, I will tell you he is NOT from God. If he is or was he has been redirected. Either of his own will, or his own blindness. But either way, he is controlled opposition.

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