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Vast Network
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In the book I have been in long time developing, I have a chapter titled Vast Network that explains how a small group of people known as an Oligarchy can manage and control all sectors of society.

It is not difficult if you understand what has been used. These are families that can trace their genealogy to the age of antiquity. They run records of account for their own right to the purist of bloodlines.
They trickle to the 13 Illuminati bloodlines, then to the Council of 33, then to the 300. And drafting members for the CFR for smaller sector control. Participants are led by promise, bribe (sex), and threatened for compliance. And at the same time generously rewarded for such. Many times their family is marked and sacrificed (surrendered) as Shadow Government property.

Politicians at the top are hand picked from bred families of Illuminati. And top performers of entertainment, media heads, military industry and government roles, bankers and such as well.
The Illuminati start with a child and provide security and bombarding of overwhelming love up to 18 months old. This is called “love bombing.” After that from age 18 months to 3 or 4 years old the child is taken through a series of tests to traumatize and test abilities and stamina, intellect, etc.

If the child is a prodigy that child is groomed and bred for high profile positions. The child may also be given roles of leadership. If the child is not destined for leadership, but is influential, that child may be led towards media or entertainment. If no qualities then the child runs as a drug runner or sex slave (called a sex kitten). Sex kittens are used as prostitutes to entice for later bribery.

Many Entertainers are from these spheres of influence. For instance Jim Morrison came from a military family. The outcasts are valuable for arts and entertainment. The Beatles were influenced in Tibetian and Eastern Mysticism as well as Hinduism. And had ties with Manson. Crosby of CSN was involved in witchcraft, as well as many musicians and the industry heads. Mostly through the Church of Satan and O.T.O. that Aleister Crowley developed. Mind control is often used and the CIA is interwoven in entertainment. The band Police was started by Stewart Copeland. His father was an OSS agent who helped develop the CIA. The CIA which is involved with mind control, often feeds the industry with story line and song ideas. The masses are controlled through them.

Of course we know that this is Satanic. It connects Satanic Ritual Abuse, human sacrifices, sexual rituals, and occultism. It is Luciferic and is in the spirit of Satan, which is why so effectual and organized (managed). People, even Christians fail to realize the reality, which makes them also slaves of the system.

This affects the megachurches, religious denominations and movements, and the New World Order religion that even Christendom is vulnerable to accept.

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