Trump Administration Plans Continued Strikes on Syria

The Trump administration has now admitted its top priority is a regime change in Syria and to take Assad out, according to UN Ambassador Nikki Haley

Some members of the administration are apparently even advocating a full-blown invasion of Syria. For example, it is being reported that National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster has come up with a plan to send 150,000 U.S. ground troops into the country. McMaster is seeking to involve the U.S. in a full scale war in Syria.

Many special operations veterans including General Joseph Votel have raised serious concerns about McMaster’s plans for Syria. He asks, “Do we really want to fight an extremely bloody ground war with the combined forces of Russia, Iran, Syria and Hezbollah?”

Meanwhile, NBC News is reporting that President Trump is considering various military options for North Korea, and one of those options includes “killing dictator Kim Jong-Un”…

Some have warned that Trump is assessing the situation aggressively without having a clear picture about the truth of the situation in Syria.

(Note, the info in this article is from the one I retracted. I retitled it and deleted the unconfirmed information.)

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