Two Kingdoms

There are two kingdoms, the kingdom of darkness and the Kingdom of God. You are of one or the other.
The kingdom of darkness is death to the Spirit of God, it is conformity to temporal things of this world, flesh indulging, and for progression of the world. It has a light, but its light is that of darkness (Luke 11). And it complies with the God of this world, Lucifer, who does not want the creation of God to come to God.

The other kingdom is spiritual. It is not taken by the fleshly kingdom. It is of the TRUE LIGHT, Jesus Christ. And it is not grounded in the world or the flesh, but on the principles of God and His will. It redeems men from death and darkness and frees them from its curse. It gives NEW LIFE. And restores what was intended by God to share His inheritance. It is eternal, not temporal, transformed by the Spirit of God through Jesus Christ, Yeshua the Messiah.

Which Kingdom do you serve?

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