Who Provoked Slavery?

Slave Trade
Author: Carodsp97

Ironic how it seems that the Democrats boast the biggest advocates against slavery and in favor of providing sanctity for Muslims. Yet they were the ones who provoked slavery in 19th century America working with Islamics. And still are.

Slavery was going on for thousands of years, in Sumer, in Egypt, in the Middle East. In the 7th century Mohammad promoted slavery, saying that every Arab should have blacks as slaves. Yet many African-Americans are supportive of Islam not realizing this.

In the early church days, during the Byzantine/Ottoman wars, a large amount of Christians were made slaves. So it transcends race.

It went on through the Slavic era, the Dark Ages, and into Medieval Times. And into the 18th century when Democrats fought FOR slavery and were the ones to take advantage of the Islamic slave trade trafficking black slaves to the country. They purchased slaves from Muslims who ran the African Slave Trade.

It is thought that the whites have been the ones to capture slaves. While some whites were involved in holding slaves, it had been the influence of Arabs and Muslim Islamics. 150 years before the Civil War Democrats worked with Islamics in purchasing slaves.

According to a report in Breitbart, while slavery since had been banned, it still exists today. Saudi Arabia is behind some of the slave trafficking, who continues selling slaves in Libya. And while it is the Arabs and Islamics still active in the slave trade, the Democrats are still enabling them with their support of Islam.

Ever wonder why Democrats are sensitive to Muslims? Perhaps this secret ally has been going on for a long time. And while they point fingers at the Republicans as greedy racists, they have managed to hide their devious nature. And to come across as benevolent to the ones they abused and took advantage of.
Perhaps they still regard blacks as slaves. But in political terms as they hold them captive by oppression, and use them to gain votes in promise of offsetting the scales, which keep them enslaved to these politicians. While the scales never get balanced, and the culture is constantly reminded of the differences in race. This is by design to keep us divided. And will not get better until we realize their agenda and rise above it.

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