In this crazy world there seems to be an obvious conspiracy that is interfering with mankind to enslave it. While many know about a Deep State as the force behind the scenes, Jim Duke takes it a step further to also address the Secret Societies, the ruling Luciferian Elite, and their Satanic intentions behind the agenda.

This site provides news commentary and information exposing the New World Order agenda and Illuminati conspiracy with insight from its host Jim Duke who uses his curiosity to bring you through his journey of research to expose the truth behind the facade. He looks deep into the dark agenda of Secret Societies, and analyzes society from a Christian view. This information is fringe truth that goes beyond the boundaries.

“A rational voice in a world of conspiracy”

Mainstream Media and many sources of corporations are controlled. Even the information of some truth sites is screened to present only up to a certain boundary, then redirected to a controlled opposition. The truther community recognizes much of this, making them leery of those sites, but sometimes we also get disinformation we have to sort out. We sort out the truth. Jim has no boundaries and lets it all fly and takes it beyond the veil if necessary.

Awakening to the truth

Jim shares his unique perspective, connecting the dots, and offers the truth to those willing to be awakened as his mission is to expose the darkness and principalities to shine the light of truth on the deeds of darkness, while also offering people hope. Some may find the information naive or tedious, as many matured in the truth community have years of research. Yet many may be new to the information presented here that Jim takes his time returning to basics for some to catch up and spoon feeds that info so those just awakening can digest it. Hopefully all can benefit from the information presented here and that it provides encouragement, hope, and awakening to the conspiracy as it relates to a biblical Christian view.

This website and podcast gives the basic information as well as advanced no matter where you are at; whether just awakening, or a seasoned woke person. We provide material which to further your own research.


This website provides articles as well as presentation for the podcast “Jim Duke Perspective” and also videos produced associated with this site. YouTube has not been friendly to this material, so other alternative platforms are featured as well. Jim also is working on longer format books and such for the future,  which will be offered as soon as he can get find time to develop them.

The podcasts is currently hosted by Spreaker.com network and the show posts or airs Sunday 6pm EST unless otherwise noted.


Jim Duke in Washington DC
Jim in Washington D.C.

Jim Duke is an investigator of truth and uses his curiosity to expose the New World Order conspiracy and to research the dark agenda of Secret Societies from a Christian view. He shares his journey of seeking truth on his website and podcast that has been a collection of his work resulting over a number of years. Jim has expressed his insight in print media, on local cable television, on the Internet, and as a contributing writer to various resources and news sites. He currently focuses on his own projects at the moment. Jim is a podcaster, researcher, and writer.

His passion has always been driven by his quest for truth. He has pursued an interest of sharing his perspective by getting involved in cable public television, and writing a weekly political column in a local advertiser weekly, as well as sharing articles in local newspapers and as contributing writer to digital news outlets. Jim’s curiosity of life had brought him to investigating the suspicions of conspiracy and to seek the story not brought out by mainstream, which this avenue is not favorable by the industry.

At one time Jim dabbled in the occult and the dark demonic realm, giving an understanding the workings of the supernatural. This gave him a knowledge and experience of how the “dark side” operates that few get a glimpse into. While experiencing there is a paranormal force at work, Jim also realized an opposing force that keeps it restrained that he determined may be the presence of God. In his search for truth, he stumbled upon the Christian faith in a “supernatural” transformation of darkness to light. Upon becoming a believer of Jesus Christ in 1993, delivered from the strangling of the occult and denounced his previous practices, he now uses his curious passion to seek the truth, expose the darkness, and rescue others out of its deception. His desire is to alert others of this darkness and bring people to the knowledge of Jesus Christ, teaching in perspective of the Christian faith.

As Jim has dedicated his life to Jesus Christ, using his experiences for discernment to provide an understanding and insight into esoteric language and identifying the presence of spiritual activity in order to warn, alert, and help those in strongholds to it, as well as continuing defending the Christian faith by apologetics. He has a knowledge of many religious beliefs, and knows how to connect the dots of information to get to the roots.


Served as Bible teacher for several years in the Albany Bible Institute in Albany NY starting around 1996.

Served as Church elder in a local congregation around 2006 for many years.

Host and Producer of cable television shows, of which LIFE ISSUES aired in 1997 for just over 10 years in two States, accompanied by Darrin who now appears on the podcast with Jim.

A contributing writer for BeforeItsNews, The Examiner, EzineMagazine, and Hubpages, and some local publications as well.

In October 2017 Jim was contacted by Prometheus Studios in Hollywood, who produce shows like Ancient Aliens and Oak Island for the History Channel. They sought after Jim’s knowledge of the New World Order to shoot segments for an offshoot of one of their major series and help connect the dots. The material was filmed, but unfortunately was not used. It was an opportunity to share with them where they fall short…


This world was given as a means for the Creator to reach His creation of man to share in the inheritance of eternal life. In the Garden of Eden, man was tempted through Eve, who was enticed by the Serpent (Satan) to take the temptation of the forbidden fruit and taste the ways of desire to give into fleshly lust and be like God knowing good and evil. That led to the fall of man as the offspring would be separate from God. However, through the course of God interacting with man, He gave men law through Moses to recognize sin, as well as provide a tutor to bring us to Christ, God’s infusion to give us a Messiah for salvation into eternal life. In the meantime, we are trapped in this matrix by the blindness of sin and deception of the devil. He blinds the eyes from the glory of the gospel as he is the god of this fallen world (2 Cor 4). We are susceptible to Satan’s wiles (devices) to be enticed and grounded to the world and flesh, which is temporary. But God offers Jesus Christ, that whosoever will believe and trust in Him will not perish for their own fault, but will be granted eternal life on Jesus’ behalf and merit. The gospel is to believe in the good news that Jesus provided the way to salvation (John 3:16), and is Himself the way, the truth, and the life (John 14), and believe in His resurrection (Romans 10), as those who believe are resurrected unto new life, and become “born again” (John 3:3).



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