False Flags

A false flag operation refers to a government operation usually involving Intel agencies, along with top military agents, who agree to participate in an agenda that is developed to get public approval, or to stir tension to justify action.

Some would resist such ideas as plausible due to the dependency on government and denial that government leaders would do something deliberately harmful to citizens. Yet that is exactly what a false flag is, and the naive denial of such suggestions that those who use them depend upon to get their agenda done without suspicion. However, some have exposed such things, labeling it as conspiracy. The government has devised a term in which to answer that accusation, which they termed as “conspiracy theory” in order to discredit such suspicions.

The definition of a false flag is a covert (secret) operation designed to deceive and portray a false perception of an incident to give the appearance another party, group, or nation is blamed for the activity. And to create a facade for disguising and concealing tracks to the origin of the source, and leaking propaganda for breadcrumbs leading to an independent source, or one not actively progressing yet, as the culprit of the action. The government is not only able, but absolutely proven to have operations of such evils.

The term “false flag” originally came from pirate ships of countries who used a disguise to prevent their victims from fleeing or preparing to attack to get closer so they could attack before detected. In the Bible, several instances exist where a person disguised as their enemy to penetrate close enough to infiltrate from within. King David once told his soldiers to retreat and leave the man Uriah on the front line to be killed by the enemy in order to cover his elicit affair with Uriah’s wife Bathsheba.

Nero in the Roman Empire burned down the temple of the Jews in the first century to blame it on Christians to justify his killing them to stop the spread of Christianity. The propaganda was accepted as the Jews also hated Christians and it was a common enemy.

In military terms, a false flag sets the stage of a plotted attack by one’s own Intel and top military leaders on that military’s own citizens, blaming it on another nation in order to gain compliance and support of its citizens to attack the other nation to justify its aggression.

Similar actions of deceit can be considered false flag, like an incident where a staged event took place, possibly as a drill, or controlled exercise, in which the invited media record to use as propaganda for an agenda to report it as a real live event to the ignorant masses. This would not have been as possible years ago with investigative journalism of independent media, but since the conglomerate of 6 or 5 corporations owning the majority of media, the affect is more certain.

False flags have been used for the progression of the New World Order since at least 1776. The French Revolution was planned by the Illuminati, even after it was exposed and supposedly infiltrated. The Illuminati members still successfully carried out the task using their agent Napoleon as the scapegoat.

The Civil War gave way for fueling an imaginary conflict between the North and the South to instigate battle within the country, due to lack of outside confrontation.

For the instigation of World War I, the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand somehow became the excuse to fuel conflict of nations around the world.

Another notable example was the World War II German commerce raider Kormoran, which surprised and sank the Australian light cruiser HMAS Sydney in 1941 while disguised as a Dutch merchant ship. Even though the ship was fatally damaged and its crew captured, the outcome served as a psychological victory for the Germans. Many times the end justifies the means to them.

Nazi Germany

The arson attack on the Reichstag building in Berlin in 1933 was blamed on Marinus van der Lubbe, a young Dutch council communist carrying out political activities. The arrest of Communists in the wake of the incident left their political seats empty, leaving them open to the Nazi Socialist German Workers’ Party, known as the Nazis. That leverage of position allowed Hitler to consolidate his power. Though a question remains as to whether or not Van der Lubbe acted alone to protest, or was assisted in the action by aid of the Nazis, it is an example of using a false flag.

Project TP-Ajax

Many false flags point at Iran as the culprit. In 1953 the CIA launched a false flag attack on mosques and key public figures to be blamed on Iranian Communists loyal to the government. This was a precursor to overthrowing Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh. CIA project code-named TP-Ajax, led a tactic of bombings by Iranians posing as members of the Communist party, in which CIA agents posed as Communist agents to bomb a known Muslim’s house. We wonder how this is not detected or found out in investigation, but “the C.I.A. burned its files on its role in the 1953 coup in Iran.

Operation Northwoods

Operation Northwoods false flag proposal

During the Presidency of John F. Kennedy, his Joints Chief of Staff confronted him with a plant to justify an attack on Cuba. In 1962 they presented Operation Northwoods, a plot of the U.S. Department of Defense to fabricate the hijacking and shooting down of a passenger plane, deliberately sinking U.S. ships, burning citizens’ crops, staging fake attacks of alleged Cuban infiltrators on American citizens to blame the action on Cuba. This also initiated the usage of drones to prop a fake aerial aircraft disguised as a Cuban MiGs to stage a false invasion.

Instead of complying, Kennedy rejected the plan. But rather than admit to the public of this conspiracy suggested to him, he fired the Staff to avoid further public suspicion of government. Kennedy was soon after assassinated. Probably not due this one denial, but it certainly gave more initiation towards it.

The information recited here is disclosed to the public and available at the government sites. No secret here.

Interesting about this Operation are the similarities with 9/11, as well as admitting propaganda. We also see the intention of “Crisis Actors” to use for mock (fake) funerals like at Sandy Hook.

In it steps that include rumors and media frenzy, use “friendly” enemy compliance to incite riots, blow up ammunition in the facilities, sabotage our own military bases and cause damage, appear to contain militia groups who storm the base, sink ships, use a drone to fake a casualty attack on an airplane, DRAMATIZE FUNERALS FOR MOCK VICTIMS, and issue a casualty list in media to cause a national wave of fear.

Here is the document for Operation Northwoods.

The Lavon affair

In the summer of 1954, a group of Egyptian Jews recruited by Israeli army intelligence were caught with plans to bomb American, British, and Egyptian civil targets in Egypt. The bombings were to be blamed on the Muslim Brotherhood, Egyptian Communists and other nationalists. To create an atmosphere of violence and chaos that the British Government could not refrain from involvement, the action would ensure Egyptian President Nasser act against Israel. But the plot was exposed before launching, the scandal causing Israeli officials blaming one another for the operation and the Israeli defense minister, Pinhas Lavon resigning under pressure.

Used to Rally Sympathizers

In espionage the term false flag can refer to recruiting agents as operatives posing as representatives of causes to cause sympathetic psychology for support of that cause, even against the agent’s own government or nation. Sometimes agents are “found out” and placed in public view as a means to show the public it will not tolerate such action. yet behind the scenes also be involved with much more greater activity. However, the redirection appeases the public that something is being done, when in fact the meat of the operation still progresses.

Political False Flags

A smaller example of false flag is when activists pose as victims of some opposing views, when they themselves staged hate against their group to create a perception of victimization for sympathy. Cases known also include activism when an agent of the opposing ideology falls in rank into their opposition to act as a fellow activist, only to stir up trouble making the group look bad.

Politics often falls under this category often staging opposition between parties. In some cases false documents are presented used to campaign against a certain candidate and use it for propaganda against them. Politicians claimed in recent years to be victims of threats against them that could have been either staged by their own party to blame on the opposing one, or something constructed ultimately by non party agents to stir conflict between parties.

Citizen False Flag

An arson looking to elevate himself to hero status may cause a fire in order to rush in to be the hero. This is expressed by some stories we hear about, and in a variety of different scenarios, not just fires. One can cause a loved one to become sick so they can restore that person to health and be their hero. This is a sick twisted scenario, but examples that have true record.

The Psychology of False Flags

The operation of false flags stirs reaction, tension, or justification by use of deception and unethical means. The behavior results in psychological motivation or conclusion to allow what might not be permitted otherwise. In that sense it can be considered a PsyOp, which is short for Psychological Operation. People will likely desire to get behind their own government. And will not consider questioning their trusted officials. So a false flag is ultimately highly effective. In modern days, since even the truther movement has given to cynical behavior, the very thought of a conspiracy turns the mind off of those who reject such suggestion. They will more easily trust the official narrative rather than a few outlandish remarks or offer of “factual” evidence of a conspiracy, even when the facts support such theories. Their skeptisism turns to the conspiracy theorists rather than the government who has been admittingly devious in such past actions.

Even the term “Conspiracy Theory” is a false flag suggesting that anyone who makes such accusations must be fabricating and imagining such conclusions. If the facts lead to proof, they are rejected as mere misunderstood or interpreted facts. The term was coined by the CIA department of Clandestine Services Unit in 1967 to dispel any accusation of the John F. Kennedy assassination against the CIA. It has been proven effective by discrediting exposing information as “tin-foil hat” theories.

Conspiracy Theories

Certain suspicions fall under the term of “false flag” because they have a questionable narrative. The result gives us caution as to the source as the Elite cite that crisis gives the opportunity for bigger things.

In 2008 former Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, said in a CBS Face the Nation interview that we shall, “Never allow a serious crisis to go to waste. They are opportunities to do big things.” Our only question is were the events planned for such opportunity?

In his book, “None Dare Call It Conspiracy,” Gary Allen writes this:

“FDR once said ‘In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.’ He was in a good position to know. We believe that many of the major world events that are shaping our destinies occur because somebody or somebodies have planned them that way. If we were merely dealing with the law of avenges, half of the events affecting our nation’s well-being should be good for America. If we were dealing with mere incompetence, our leaders should occasionally make a mistake in our favor. We shall attempt to prove ‘but we are not really dealing with coincidence or stupidity, but with planning and brilliance.”

FBI Director Edgar Hoover said about conspirators in 1956:

“The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.” The mind naturally wants to dismiss this possibility. For the most part, many reject such thought. It is too unimaginable for them to consider. Then they would have to question all that exists. And that is where we lose some.”

Incidents as the Oklahoma City Bombing, Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting, 9/11, Los Vegas Shooting, Orlando Shooting, and some other notable ones, have very sketchy reports. In each, suspicions arise with early reports of more than one shooter, eyewitnesses not able to pinpoint accurate detail, interviews of varying accounts even with the same person, people looking similar across events as if the same person had a coincidental connection leading them to each event, and in most cases the perpetrator killed or shot himself. And one very peculiar fact is during these incidents, or just prior, a similar drill enacting the EXACT details of the event occurred as if someone knew of the planning. But the one thing that stands out is the media footage having mixed the drill with supposedly live eyewitness reports.

Many conspiracy theory websites, documentaries, and podcasts (like mine) do a good job exposing many of these inconsistencies and bringing to the surface all the questionable details with conclusions that lead to a specific obvious purpose.

The suspicious details to note are:

  • conflicting eyewitness accounts
  • changing narrative by officials
  • deliberate reporting numbers
  • quick assessment of blame and determination
  • multiple perpetrators narrowed to one suspect only
  • footage from truthful eyewitnesses that get confiscated, but happened to be released showing another revealing side
  • illogical facts
  • and law of physics being violated.

Previously we have suspicions of faked or over-dramatized events.

The Oklahoma City bombing of the Federal Building blamed on Timothy McVeigh became a personal interest of mine. I remember it because I attended a whistleblower meeting the Summer of 1994 before the event showing the militia was targeted by Bill Clinton with a letter of threat if they didn’t sign an agreement of surrender by that September. They resisted. I listened to inside militia broadcasts reporting on their progress to defend themselves against this government tyranny. It was known at that time that by Spring of 1995 they would be blamed for a tragic event. It became evident the event was the City Bombing. And Timothy McVeigh, a said MILITIA MEMBER, became the perception that it was a militia attack.

Sandy Hook was another event in question as several witnesses interviewed by media seemed to have conflicting stories, some of which changed during the reporting of events. The forensic doctor and “neighbors’ appeared in other events as well, making us suspicious they were Crisis Actors. The mother of the attacker had worked at the school, then had no connection with the school at the same time. The house in which the suspect lived changed to the next door house during the police invasion. Either the police were confused, or something was suspicious. And then we found a drill of the same tragedy conducted AT THE SAME TIME, using footage of that event for the school event. Soon after we found the school shut down and possibly not even active during the supposed tragedy. A little girl victim was seen in pictures with Obama after this.

Today we have a crisis with the flu. COVID-19 of the Coronavirus may fit within the confines of false flag if the stats are misleading, fabricated, and a shutdown deemed unnecessary. My articles and podcasts reveal the questionable circumstances, but in summary, it has allowed a national lockdown with quarantine. And may lead to justifying vaccines, which have the potential to many other things.

The Purpose of False Flags

As mentioned previously false flags serve several political agendas.

  • They provide a means to get public support to provide psychological support for a planned war.
  • They allow acceptable transitions from one form of government ideology to another.
  • They move pawns on the world scene to align with the agenda planned to provide consolidate governments.
  • They create a need to activate legislation that the public otherwise would not tolerate. Stripping freedoms with consent. And voluntarily trading freedoms for security.
  • They provide trauma-based mind control to stir emotions of citizens and get them to comply with surveillance, stripping of rights, or any other agenda intended.

David Rockefeller was reported to have said at a United Nations Business Council Dinner in September 1994, “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.” With that in mind, we shouldn’t put past us the capability and willingness to design a crisis for the purpose of bringing us to the acceptance of this transformation.

Here is a list of my articles and episodes with False Flags.


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