Gary Wayne Gnostic Origin for End Times | podcast

Gary Wayne

In this episode we are again joined by author researcher Gary Wayne as he makes some connections with Gnostic beliefs and the ancient mythos bringing it into perspective of this current age and End Times.

Gary talks about the fallen angels, their significance with ancient pagan and Gnostic beliefs, and the different scenarios posed as a counterfeit to mimic the Christian faith. He shows us how they use the ancient beliefs to persuade us that their pantheos is older, though they do not admit how it is a counterfeit of what God has prepared for His plan.

We get into some ancient religions and their gods, the origin of gods, and the offspring of fallen angels who became the Nephilim. Gary explains how Gnosticism plays in End Times and the blurring of the lines between religions to gain progress on bringing the world under a one world religion.

Also we get into the Illuminati bloodlines as Gary shares his views of end times and who might be on the top of the bloodline chain to prepare for Antichrist.

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