Government Agencies Arm with Weapons

Government Agencies Arm with Weapons

September 2, 2023 Jim Duke Perspective 0

Stories like this have been circulating for a decade or so warning that government agencies – ones not likely to have power – are being supplied with weapons and ammo. It claims a threat from govt agencies like the IRS and Agriculture Dept who is arming to detain citizens. In [READ MORE]

Ten Commandments by A.Losenko

The Laws of God, Torah and Sabbath

February 4, 2023 Jim Duke Perspective 0

A movement emerged in which some claim following Torah in regard to obedience to God. The Torah-observance dominates the emphasis to the point of seeing Jesus as the example to continue following Torah as instructed in the Old Testament. To them in order to obey God one must refer to [READ MORE]


The Jesuits

December 31, 2021 Jim Duke Perspective 0

After the absence of the Knights Templar guarding the Vatican power, the Papacy lacked a militant army. In their place came the Jesuits. The popular narrative tells that the Jesuits were founded in 1534 by Ignatius of Loyola. However, we find their origins come much earlier. Origins In 1360 Giovanni [READ MORE]

Vaccine secret ingredient

Facts About the Vaccine That Cannot Be Denied

October 16, 2021 Jim Duke Perspective 0

POLITICAL AGENTS, VAX PROMOTERS, SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS, etc ALL NEED TO READ THIS. THE FACTS ARE HERE YOU CANNOT DENY, NOR FLAG AS DISINFORMATION Just from the facts we know it is questionable enough (sources listed below article): The vaccine is mandated (almost universally) covering up the suspicions, censoring our [READ MORE]

Jesus engraving

Reliability of Jesus’ Existence

December 19, 2020 Jim Duke Perspective 0

Zeitgeist the Movie, Jordan Maxwell, Sitchen, and Jesus Seminar are all frauds making insignificant connections related to Jesus to claim He was a myth. Stories continue to circulate trying to prove Jesus was a myth creatd by Rome, or in the very least not significant. While serious scholars do not [READ MORE]

Kabbalah tree of life

Kabbalah and Talmud Influence

August 29, 2020 Jim Duke Perspective 0

The mystery and claim of the Kabbalah leads to much confusion. The idea is that Kabbalah proves that those of Secret Societies who regard such must be Jewish since the Jews have the claim of Kabbalah by their rabbis and from the source it claims. Kabbalah means “to receive and [READ MORE]


COVID-19 Deception and Conspiracy Exposed

May 2, 2020 Jim Duke Perspective 0

An agenda or true concern? We were warned of this extraordinary super flu season with threat of the Wuhan flu, labeled nCOVID-19, then reduced to simply COVID-19. The name since swapped to the more common Coronavirus. This is a cunning deception of switching the description to bait the public into [READ MORE]

Council on Foreign Relations

Plan of the CFR

April 26, 2020 Jim Duke Perspective 0

The CFR proposes working through sectors of society piece by piece to achieve enough compliance for one world government. Led by the Illuminati bankers, its members contribute their sector to this effort of World Government. The incidents leading to WWI had been planned by the Elite Bankers in which to [READ MORE]

world government and Federal Reserve

World Government Achieved Piece by Piece

April 26, 2020 Jim Duke Perspective 0

The intent for WWI was constructed (planned) to involve the United States into the World Government by hoping war would persuade its Congress to accept a League of Nations under Marxism. Agents of the U.S., like Col House, Woodrow Wilson’s Adviser, working for Globalist interests tried to sway the U.S. [READ MORE]

False Flags

April 25, 2020 Jim Duke Perspective 0

A false flag operation refers to a government operation usually involving Intel agencies, along with top military agents, who agree to participate in an agenda that is developed to get public approval, or to stir tension to justify action. Some would resist such ideas as plausible due to the dependency [READ MORE]

Cape Town population density map

Depopulation Plan in Action

April 5, 2020 Jim Duke Perspective 0

Do the Elite really think the world is overpopulated? Well, don’t take my word for it, let’s hear what they think from their own mouth. In November 1991, Jacques Cousteau (not the Inspector) gave an interview to the UNESCO Courier, in which he stated that he was in favor of [READ MORE]

5G-phone and technology

A Boost for 5G Security, Broadband Availability

March 28, 2020 Jim Duke Perspective 0

The House Energy and Commerce Committee, applauded the passage of bills. “The bills signed into law today by the President are critical to ensuring that all Americans can access broadband and that our networks are secure and trusted,” the committee said in a statement. “The need for connectivity is even [READ MORE]

CI Scofield

Origin of Dispensation Pretribulation Doctrine

September 15, 2019 Jim Duke Perspective 0

Modern day Christianity adopts a doctrine outlining a case for a Pretribulation Rapture scenario based on scripture. However, when reading and analyzing the passages, we need the footnotes of the Scofield reference Bible to see that. By following along, it strings the passages together to fit and makes the case [READ MORE]

The Word of God

In the Beginning Was the Word

April 14, 2019 Jim Duke Perspective 0

This passage of scripture is of the most telling that expresses the significance of Jesus Christ as the original plan for God, emulating from Him.   [Jhn 1:1-5 KJV] 1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 The same [READ MORE]

America and Freemason

A History of America’s Founding

October 21, 2018 Jim Duke Perspective 0

Two dissenting groups came out of England. One were the Puritans, who tolerated the king over the Church of England. The second was the Separatists, who believed the Church of England was corrupt beyond reform and that it could not be repaired. They believed that Jesus only was head of [READ MORE]