COVID-19 Deception and Conspiracy Exposed


An agenda or true concern?

We were warned of this extraordinary super flu season with threat of the Wuhan flu, labeled nCOVID-19, then reduced to simply COVID-19. The name since swapped to the more common Coronavirus.

This is a cunning deception of switching the description to bait the public into confusion over the first claim to the more common usage of the term. The first thing I noticed was dropping the “n” because it is not new, and to add more to the numbers by tagging it to the more common Coronavirus label that has been around for YEARS (since 2004 we have proof, and some evidence back to the 70s). The virus is even listed on your Lysol can at least several years ago. So no new flu there. But that way they could confuse the terms and make a plausible perception by blurring the line betweeen the concerning strain COVID-19 with the simple Coronavirus in general.

The public was issued tests for early accounts to determine a spread. However, many of those tests from the CDC found they had contamination, reading false positive. Even when discovered (or exposed) the new tests still read false positive, Physicians were giving multiple trials when a negative read was present. Which means still false positive, but its numbers could then be listed.

In several cases the patient was NOT tested, but only ASSUMED COVID-19 present by basing it on symptoms. The CDC guidelines allows it listed with merely PRESUMED symptoms. However, the tests were not even meant for infection, not to mention the flu. They can only test GENETIC MATERIAL present. Contributing factors alone presume the actual infection of the COVID virus as there is no way to accurately know. The person could merely have a flu with contributing respiratory issues, OR even may have Coronavirus. Yes, many of us already do. They have been injected by vaccines. As well as the body producing genetic material of strains of Coronavirus that may become the mutated strain in which we are speaking. Some may NOT even have the flu, but similar symptoms. In that manner EVERYONE who has the flu or similar symptoms can be listed a COVID victim as the physician determines, whether tested or not. The data has not been collected by scientific measures based on real numbers they can now gather having several months to determine, but by assumed models using fraudulent reports.

The CDC already predicted the season of regular flu before all this to result in the 25,000 to 50,000 range for deaths based on their predictive models. I went to the CDC website, by the way, miraculously the common flu rates of death that average 36,000 EVERY YEAR are mysteriously down tremendously this year. Hmmm, so the common flu numbers traded for COVID? Yes, in fact. And even when combined are still running within the typical range expected. Also included in flu numbers is pneumonia contributed factors often listed under the same category as flu.

The CDC vital statistic guidelines now allows the report on the death certificate to list COVID by merely if the physician determines it so EVEN IF TESTING WAS NOT DONE. So that adds to the numbers greatly. And consider the hospital gets a fund of $13,000 for every listing, $39,0000 if a ventilator was used. No incentive there to cheat, right?

Some people still want to believe the official numbers and the narrative of pandemic. All right, then let’s go there. Typically it has been revealed that many of the reports were not confirmed specifically. But even if we include the numbers, they have projected a reoccurance over the next three years that they report in total of the projected numbers to warn the people. But of course the total tally will increase the numbers. That would be like adding the numbers of typical flu over the past years and lumping them together. In that manner, we could say the common flu resulted in 150,000 deaths. That would certainly make an over emphasized increased rate giving the perception of more threat. So what do they expect when they tally three years together? That is propaganda folks. Common sense prevails.

So is it any more a threat than another flu season? I would have to deny it. BUT may I also say IF this is as contagion as they say and a threat beyond human control, I will have to submit THIS IS NOT A FLU VIRUS, BUT SOME OTHER BIOCHEMICAL AGENT or micro-organism POSING AS SUCH. And I would have to suspect it was man-made and released to the public, whether accidental or intentional. In that manner we have more than a flu to contend with, but a corrupt evil government. If this spreads beyond the means of the characteristics of a flu, it is NOT a flu.

Some blame a bio-weapon from China. We have reports of this as a report came out that the virus vial was leaked during transport. The person reporting this was killed. Some suspect that it coincidentally follows the Silk Road and may be retaliation against those who refused China. But I have to remind that neither China, nor any other country, acts independently from the Banking Elite who have full control over them. And that this was likely a joint effort of China and the U.S. with CIA interests. If released purposely, it would suit the agenda of the Shadow Government (Illuminati or what have you) to push for global government. The Elitists admit a crisis is necessary to sell world government. And that an opportunity should not be wasted.

In addition to this report we found unscrupulous associations between Bill Gates and Gates Foundation, Dr. Fauci, the W.H.O., and George Soros who have interest in vaccines with labs in Wuhan as well as across the globe. Vaccines have potential of huge profits due to the clauses preventing accountability because it is experimental. Gates stands to gather progress since his interest in the funding of vaccines gives him leverage. By his influence using media, he can make a plausible case for mandated vaccination. The U.N. regards him as State official on this, though likely he has never had a medical degree.

This will likely pave the way to introduce a vehicle for future development and technological advancement in implementing a chip in the vaccinated person. Or even worse, the DARPA Hydrogel program, a gel that fuses with our DNA to monitor our cell condition and interface digital data. If in the very least, a certificate could be issued validating a person has been tested and approved to work. Or restrict them from work if they refuse to comply. A simple way to make someone take their poison or be marked for the system.

Surely the “Internet of Things” has advanced technology with biogenetics to fuse the two into one system. AI, quantum D-Wave computer, and data collection of social media, Google, and NSA PRISM contribute to the ability to have eyes like God on world citizens. Until one day perhaps a single entity will emerge who will boats of his challenge to God for rights over planet earth. That plan already exists and many antichrist have presented themselves, as even an antichrist may finalize the agenda.

My bets are on intentional.

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