The Secret Agenda Behind the Shaping of America

America and Freemason

Some say we are a Christian nation, one nation under God. President Obama stated that whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation. But along with those having Christian principles were Elitists having another means for America to bring it under a New World Order of the Illuminati.

Is America a Christian nation? Obama tells us no.

Many claim America was founded upon the principles of Christianity. Our law and morality was constructed by the principles of the Bible. And we are told many of the founding fathers of America were Christians. Is this true?

While many can recite principles of the founding fathers that would seem to coincide with the Bible and Christianity, what they do not realize is that many of the founding fathers and United States leaders were Masons, or at least influenced by Freemasonry.

Masons had a habit of adopted the Christian principles with its purpose. In that Freemasons had a separate purpose for America, to make it a land acceptable to Freemasonry, and build it with Lodges to promote State and government. And in time to establish its New World Order.

The New World Order should sound familiar. On September 11, 1990 (an important date of numbers), George H.W. Bush stated in his address before a Joint Session of Congress the announcement of such an Order.

Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective – a NEW WORLD ORDER – can emerge: a new era freer from the threat of terror, stronger in the pursuit of justice, and more secure in the quest for peace… Today that new world is struggling to be born, a world quite different from the one we’ve known. A world where the rule of law supplants the rule of the jungle. A world in which nations recognize the shared responsibility for freedom and justice.
-George Bush: “Address Before a Joint Session of the Congress on the Persian Gulf Crisis and the Federal Budget Deficit,” September 11, 1990

Several years later, his son, George W. Bush, also stated that the principles for America were founded upon a New Order of the Ages.

When our Founders declared a ‘new order of the ages,’ when soldiers died in wave upon wave for a union based on liberty, when citizens marched in peaceful outrage under the banner ‘Freedom Now,’ they were acting on an ancient hope that is meant to be fulfilled.
-George W. Bush: “Inaugural Address,” January 20, 2005

This Ancient Order was drafted into a plan in 1776 by a Bavarian Professor of Law at Ingolstadt University, named Adam Weishaupt, who established the Ancient Seers of Bavarian Illuminates, known as the Illuminati. It was the Illuminati who influenced the course towards this goal. See my article explaining the Illuminati.

The Secret Task for the Founding Fathers.

The history of American heroes would be tained if the truth was revealed. While the perception of the founding fathers is that they were Christians setting up a Christian nation, the documents of the founding fathers, and the meaning behind the principles of America actually tell another side.

Many founding fathers were Free Masons, and members of the Lodges. Truth being that they intended Freemasonry to be accepted in the New World, and desired their Craft to be a foundation, cloaked in the morality of Christianity. Christianity served as an acceptable principle, and an excellent facade that is compatible with Freemasonry, because Freemasons do have room for its doctrines. Only that their interpretation is of the Masonic purpose.

The Free Masons carried out a plan by Rosicrucian Francis Bacon as described as the New Atlantis. The New World would use the model for the New Atlantis to bring about a Utopian Society for Freemason culture.

The Masonic legislators drafted a Seal to represent the purpose of their endeavor. It was voted as to the imagery and symbolism, which is very important in Freemasonry. It is code to other Masons, while a hidden facade for the deceived.

In 1782 a final design was contributed by Charles Thomson, a Mason and occultist, who used common imagery and hidden symbolism as an emblem. It inspired the Great Seal of the United States. On the front was what appeared to be an eagle with several series of “13’s.” And pentagrams arranged in the form of a hexagram. That is Kabbalan imagery. On the backside was a Freemason design depicting an unfinished Egyptian pyramid and the Illuminated (All-Seeing) “Eye of Providence.”

Its designer, Charles Thomson, knew that the public had a different perception of the founders than the reality. And that they regarded them as wholesome men with integrity of morality and wisdom under God. He played on that impression to admit that we would leave the public believing in that facade for the sake of its purpose, and his intention was to not “undeceive” their perception.

No, I ought not, for I should contradict all the histories of the great events of the Revolution, and show by my account of men, motives, and measures, that we are wholly indebted to the agency of Providence for its successful issue. Let the world admire the supposed wisdom and valor of our great men. Perhaps they may adopt the qualities that have been ascribed to them, and thus good may be done. I shall not undeceive future generations.
– Charles Thomson

The secret agenda in Symbolism and Imagery

While the imagery of the Great Seal is acceptable to the general public, and its description plausible, Masons use double talk in their interpretation, one for the public (exoteric meaning), and one for the inner circles (esoteric meaning). In a Christian interpretation, the All-Seeing Eye could serve as the onlooking eye of the Creator.  However, in Masonic interpretation, the “Eye of Providence” is the Eye of Horus when in an Egyptian setting. As well as the Eye of Illumination for illuminates.  The “Illuminated One” in Masonic language is the “Light-Bearer.” In Latin the name is Lucifer (recognize where we are going?). The meaning of the “Great Seal” is different for Freemasons that the public.

The evidence for this Illuminati plan became apparent through certain adopted symbols such as the Eye in the Capstone over an unfinished pyramid, which was called the “Eye of Providence,” but actually was the All-seeing eye of Horus of the ancient Egyptian religions worshiping the Sun-god, the Light, which is ultimately Lucifer.

The Americas have been called the New World since Columbus, however, Columbus did not come here first. There had already been a “New England Charter” and a colony established twenty years before he arrived. In America in the east, we have the area of NEW ENGLAND, where the first colonies were established. Matter of fact 13 colonies, the number of an occult grouping called a covendom. The eventual American Revolution wasn’t actually a real revolution. The Founding Fathers (Masons), did not go to war with their parents, the monarchy of England. There are many prominent American Presidents who are related to strong European bloodlines and great wealth. When the YORK Rite Masons of York, England, came over here, they settled on the East coast and declared it NEW YORK. Then they went to work to build the “Empire State”. In New York sits the Statue of “LIBERTY”, given to us by FRANCE, holding up the Masonic torch of ENLIGHTENMENT. The highest degrees of Freemasonry are the 32nd and 33rd degree.

Symbols of the occult worship of Columbus and the personification sometimes called “Lady Columbia” or “Miss Columbia” was adopted from the goddess Libertas named for and representing the concept Liberty dating from the Roman Empire goddess. As we know, many of the female goddess personifications came from earlier cultures as the Greek and from ancient beliefs. Astarte came from Ashtoreth, which were adopted from early ancient cultures of Babylon and Sumeria from which this fertility goddess was known as Ishtar, who was sexually promiscuous. The idea of “freedom” came when mankind was accepted to express their lusts and passions through freedom without having conviction of any promiscuity. The goddesses were associated with Venus, which is the Light. Now perhaps we can see that the worship of light is not generized as it represented both male and female, the moon, Sun, Venus, and Saturn; having male counterparts as Baal, Molech, and Marduk, meaning “Lord of the Air” and representing gods of war. Both made up the concept of fertility and Light, and the giver of knowledge. And that ultimately it presented the Light-bearer, we know from the Latin which is Lucifer. This is the basis of Illumination.

The Plans of Modern New World Order

The Freemasons plan to bring about a New World Order in which Freemasonry exists and governs society.

Hidden in its cover, the Illuminates can more easily work on society to accept such a plan in its development stages, and in its ability to indoctrinate society for this acceptance.

History has been altered, and globalism promoted to ready citizens for the commencement of their plan. Norman Dodd, director of the Reese Committee in 1954, revealed his interaction with the Foundations who were given rights to the directives of education, and admitted their intent to bring globalism and sway students from the original documents of the Declaration of Independence and the jurisdiction of the Constitution towards a globalistic mindset. That interview can be heard on my podcast Socialism for NWO Indoctrination of Students.

Luciferian Doctrine

The doctrines of the plan coincide with the account in the Bible to bring the world to order under Lucifer to reign over the nations and sit on the throne of the Most High (Isaiah 14). Freemasons do not acknowledge they regard this doctrine openly. Many of the lower level Masons do not realize, However, the Adept levels may be aware, even though they have a different interpretation of who Lucifer is than the Christian. My article Why I am Against Freemasonry explains their view.

In the prophecies, it is referring to Ishtar approving the rule of the kings because they have pleased her and did as she commanded. See Revelation 17:1-2, 4-5 and also 18:1-24, and 19:2. See also: Isaiah 47:1-15; Jeremiah 51:7.

Scripture also explains that the nations will submit to the Beast (the conglomerate system of the world to bring a New World Order), but that it will fail. See Revelation, esp Chapters 17 and 18.


In 1826, William Morgan, an American Freemason who had written a book entitled Illustrations of Freemasonry, was abducted and drowned in Lake Ontario. Because of the existence of these books, as well as the murder scandal, there was a nationwide fear resulting in the creation of an Anti-Masonic political party in 1829. But as suspicions arose, the plans became more intact and influential among the leaders that were persuaded to comply through reward, bribery, or threats.

Secret Destiny of America written by Adept level Mason, Manly P. Hall, who is regarded as one of Freemasons prolific authors. In this book he revealed America’s intent under the Freemasons.

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