red heifer

What is this Red Heifer? | podcast

April 27, 2024 Jim Duke Perspective 0

We keep hearing about the expectation of this “red heifer.” What is this red heifer and where does it come from? We find it in one verse in scripture Numbers 19:2 and that’s about it. There was an ordinance to produce such an offering to cleanse the people. Yet many [READ MORE]

Saturnalia the Festival that Influenced Christmas

Saturnalia the Festival that Influenced Christmas

December 16, 2023 Jim Duke Perspective 0

Christians often defend that Christmas is a Christian holiday developed by Christians and has nothing to do with paganism. We share the commonalities of the Roman festival Saturnalia that occurred well before the birth of Christ that eventually influenced the Christian holiday known as Christmas. Listen to “Saturnalia the Festival [READ MORE]

Final Abominable Temple

Final Abominable Temple author Phil Baker

August 27, 2023 Jim Duke Perspective 0

The Temple used to be a constructed building. What is it today? Guest Phil Baker discusses the theme of his latest book Final Abominable Temple and takes us through the course of the temple going from a building to indwelling of the believer. Listen to “Final Abominable Temple author Phil [READ MORE]

Ten Commandments by A.Losenko

The Laws of God, Torah and Sabbath

February 4, 2023 Jim Duke Perspective 0

A movement emerged in which some claim following Torah in regard to obedience to God. The Torah-observance dominates the emphasis to the point of seeing Jesus as the example to continue following Torah as instructed in the Old Testament. To them in order to obey God one must refer to [READ MORE]

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Christian Conduct In the World

November 13, 2021 Jim Duke Perspective 0

Some interpret being OF the world differently. Some Christians be like: No drink at all No dancing No music Nothing but Bible Don’t partake in anything of the world No fun, always serious But the Christian mindset is more like: Let your drink be controlled, stay sober Dance with joy [READ MORE]

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The Attitude of a Christian Truther

November 13, 2021 Jim Duke Perspective 0

Often Christians face the question of how we are to obey government. We ask why the Bible suggests such thing when we have an obvious situation of oppressive leaders and government. Shouldn’t we show a hatred towards the government and an obvious rebellion against it? What we find is that [READ MORE]

New Age Christianity

New Age Christianity Pt1 | podcast

July 31, 2021 Jim Duke Perspective 0

In this episode we discuss New Age influence in Christianity. We share the origins of New Age and a possible cause of infiltrating the Christian faith. Listen to “New Age Christianity Pt1” on Spreaker. New Age is a Luciferian philosophy we believe originated in the Garden of Eden introduced to [READ MORE]

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The Functions of the Faith

July 10, 2021 Jim Duke Perspective 0

[Eph 4:11] 11 And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; A person I met titled as “pastor” once said to me he is looking for a church to pastor. I asked him why he needs a specific “church,” and asked if [READ MORE]


The Wise of This World | podcast

June 20, 2021 Jim Duke Perspective 0

In this episode we discuss the wise of this world and how as intellectual they seem, are still bound to wisdom of the world. The New Age gurus who say they have a spirituality only have a worldy spirituality. They are unable to receive the spirituality to know god unless [READ MORE]

Jesus engraving

Christian Conversion | podcast

November 9, 2019 Jim Duke Perspective 0

The recent announcement of Kanye West’s conversion to Christianity has led to much controversy. This episode describes the Christian conversion and differentiates the perception of conversion with a true identity with Jesus Christ. The claim of Christian has become fashionable with so many celebrities converting to Christianity. But the meaning [READ MORE]

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Resurrection of the Dead

April 20, 2019 Jim Duke Perspective 0

[1Co 15:1-58] 1 Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; 2 By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. Paul is [READ MORE]

The Word of God

In the Beginning Was the Word

April 14, 2019 Jim Duke Perspective 0

This passage of scripture is of the most telling that expresses the significance of Jesus Christ as the original plan for God, emulating from Him.   [Jhn 1:1-5 KJV] 1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 The same [READ MORE]

The Rapture

History of Modern Dispensationalism

June 23, 2018 Jim Duke Perspective 0

The modern futurist concept came from a Jesuit Priest named Francisco Ribera, who wrote a five hundred page document on the Apocalypse in 1590. Among other things, this work taught that the antichrist would come at sometime in the future for a literal 3 ½ year period right before the [READ MORE]

Christ Ravenna

Fake Jesus

March 10, 2018 Jim Duke Perspective 0

Which Jesus do you know? There are variations of Jesus according to which group you have been associated with. A Freemason Jesus, a New Age Jesus, a Catholic Jesus, even an ecumenical Jesus. However, there is only one true Jesus. The others are a fake Jesus. Your browser does not [READ MORE]

William Tyndale

The Trial of Tyndale

July 16, 2017 Jim Duke Perspective 0

A Look at Tyndale’s Translation Influence William Tyndale was known for his work in one of the first most influential English translations of the Bible New Testament. He was influenced by the work of Erasmus, who made the Greek New Testament available in Europe, and by Martin Luther who wrote [READ MORE]

God creates the heaven and earth

Where is the Kingdom of God?

July 7, 2017 Jim Duke Perspective 0

So many say they experience heaven. Some say they will go to heaven when they die. Yet they still have question. Then they answer that they HOPE they will. What path to divinity is qualified? Are they all acceptable? We will sort this out according to scripture. Some claim a [READ MORE]

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The Greatest Conspiracy

June 3, 2017 Jim Duke Perspective 0

Many scoff at conspiracies. Even Christians will accept the derogatory term as loss of mental stability to believe that people conspire. Yet they do not regard their own scripture. Here is the greatest conspiracy. 2Co 4:4 In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which [READ MORE]


Church vs. Ekklesia

June 3, 2017 Jim Duke Perspective 0

We have turned the body into an institution with a facility. To prove this, we invite a community of believers AND unbelievers to join in unequal yolk to hear a preaching from an altar and we call it “church.” We “go to” church and we worship in “church.” Church is [READ MORE]

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The Basis for Gnostic Beliefs

June 3, 2017 Jim Duke Perspective 0

The Gnostic beliefs have been the most challenging to the ways of God and have since the beginning of time been the instigator to the path of death, while counterfeiting as another way to life. The account in the Bible in Genesis 3 holds the basis for all gnostic beliefs [READ MORE]

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Reformation and Counter-Reformation

May 21, 2017 Jim Duke Perspective 0

The Protestants held that there were two authorities that didn’t have authority from God: the Roman Papacy and the King. The Protestant reformers believed that the Antichrist was a system of the Papacy, of Rome, or Vatican, and their leader the Pope. This changed when the Reformers had an attack [READ MORE]

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Two Kingdoms

May 21, 2017 Jim Duke Perspective 0

There are two kingdoms, the kingdom of darkness and the Kingdom of God. You are of one or the other. The kingdom of darkness is death to the Spirit of God, it is conformity to temporal things of this world, flesh indulging, and for progression of the world. It has [READ MORE]

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Spiritual Warfare in a Physical World

May 20, 2017 Jim Duke Perspective 0

We live in a fallen world. There are principalities working against us and powers of darkness that rule the physical operation of this world. However, they are rooted in spiritual principalities and powers by dominions of spiritual wickedness. [Eph 6:11-13] 11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye [READ MORE]