Saturnalia the Festival that Influenced Christmas

Saturnalia the Festival that Influenced Christmas

Christians often defend that Christmas is a Christian holiday developed by Christians and has nothing to do with paganism. We share the commonalities of the Roman festival Saturnalia that occurred well before the birth of Christ that eventually influenced the Christian holiday known as Christmas.

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This is not a popular topic. Many Christians defend that this is THEIR celebration, but we show how it was similar to an earlier festival that christians adopted. The Roman Saturnalia became Christmas.

Saturnalia was celebrated early BC starting around Dec 17 (by their date equivalent) for 7 days up to Dec 23 or 24th. The adoption of Jesus birthday came from the similar birthday of the Unconquerable Sun on Dec 25th on the winter Solstice day when also Mithras was honored.

While some can debunk this myth because there are sketchy articles recording these events in detail, we know the similarities are undeniable. The homes of Saturnalia were decorated with wreaths and greenery, candle lights lit to celebrate the light of the god, and often trees adorned with ornaments. In honor of the gods, people offered gifts to one another as an offering to the gods. The time was given off from labor and stores closed. People celebrated together and played games, sang songs, drank, had fun, even forfeiting disputes.

The unsimilarities were that Rome excused all immorality and practiced sexual perversions. They elected a “mock king” who would be the King of Misrule. This person would prank others, insult guests, and cause mischief. However, these details not traditionally carried over into the Christian version does not dismiss that Christians adopted their celebration, festivities, and even the date.

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