Luciferianism and Lucis Trust

Lucifer (Latin name) is the Hebrew Heylel, which means “shining one,” or “Light Bearer,” which is why those who follow enlightenment and Gnosticism are Luciferians who call themselves, “Children of the Light,” or “Holders of the Light” (Illuminati). They progress the doctrine of Lucifer to bring Lucifer to society through education, government, and religion, eventually putting Lucifer on the throne over the world.

Theosophy founded by Helena Blavatsky is a sophisticated modern fusion of various philosophies, religions, and occult practices, only to bring an ecumenical convergence of all things against God together into one main philosophy. It became New Age in spiritual terms.

Lucis Trust founded by Alice Bailey originated as Lucifer Publishing, changing its name to an esoteric title for obvious reasons. Lucis Trust published 24 original esoteric guidelines for New Age education. It hosted the Arcane School, as well as Findhorn Foundation, and Silva Learning Center to teach these philosophies to the governments, seminaries, and education centers. Lucis Trust sits on the board of the U.N. with a voice to guide spiritual context of its policies towards the New World Order in which Lucifer will be conjured and put on the throne as the leader of the Ascended Masters.

This is the working of Satan, Adversary of God. And all those working with him as adversaries to progress the ultimate plan of Isaiah 14, Lucifer vowed to sit on the throne of the Most High, weakening the nations and bringing all into a One World Government globalism under his command. This was modeled in the effort of the Tower of Babel, and the reason for the disbursement of nations into boundaries by God. All based on the lie of the Serpent (Satan) to deceive man into being his own god.

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