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Several reports came out that bones of infants have been discovered at Catholic Schools and that a certain sect of Priests have possibly been conducting Satanic Rituals. We explore this find as well as explain the origin of the Jesuits, the Order of militant defenders of the Catholic Church

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In May 2021, 215 unmarked graves of infant burials were found at a site of a Roman Catholic School reported by BBC.

Another 600-700 bodies were found in June 2021 at another Catholic school for Indigenous children in Canada reported in the Jesuit Review.

NBC news reported close to 800.

Many Catholic apologizers have come forth to sympathize with the finds, as well as Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who is of the Sinclair Grail family who led the Knights Templar, the predecessor of the Jesuits.

While we should not blame current clergy for this who did not have anything to do with these past crimes, we have similar accusations still going on today with the Catholic clergy leadership at large.

Some insiders admit the Catholic Church have within it a group who practice Satanic rituals and sexual abuse. We may say this segregated group does not represent the whole, yet these are a clan of prestigious leaders within the Catholic hierarchy.

Malachi Martin documents that a Black Mass was held in St Paul’s Cathedral in 1963. During this heinous affair, several cardinals “installed Lucifer to his appropriate place” in the Vatican, as “head of the church.”

Malachi Martin, Jesuit whistleblower, claims that a good deal of the child molestation occurring now is actually Satanic worship. Part of the Luciferian rites of many of the priests, nuns, and hierarchy. He intimates that many who engage in this kind of “worship” are indeed secret Masons.

The Jesuits have been accused of these heinous practices before being banned and re-instituted in 1814 after they reinvented themselves to rebound as a prolific source of education.

Many will say the Jesuits were founded by the Crypto-Jews, a secret Jewish lineage who hid in Spain as Catholics for a facade, but had intentions to take over the Vatican. There is no sound proof of this outside letters found and some obscure writings supposedly telling the tale of this elaborate scheme. However, as I state, this may just be another Jesuits redirection.

The Jesuits were not founded by Jews, but by the Black Nobility from the Roman bloodlines. They took over where the Knights Templar left off and likewise meddled in the political affairs of countries.

The popular narrative tells that the Jesuits were founded in 1534 by Ignatius of Loyola. However, we find their origins come much earlier. In 1360 Giovanni Columbi formed a group called “Congregation of the Jesuiti” known as the Jesuats. This group influenced the Jesuits under Cardinal Gaspero Contarini who inspired (and groomed) Ignatius of Loyola. It was not just one or even three, but ten members of the Black Nobility who contrived the Society of Jesus in 1540 for the Catholic Church. Some tell that it was sponsored by the Borgia dynasty, along with the Rosicrucians, who served as gatekeepers of the Illuminati bloodlines.

The Jesuits were mastered in espionage, spying, and assassination and often held secretive operations. They were found so devious that dignitaries called for their demise, and in 1773 they were banned under a decree of Pope Clement. He realized when he signed the decree that he likely “signed his own death warrant.” Nine months later he was found poisoned to death.

Pope Pius VII reinstated the Jesuits in 1814 to head a sector of education, now going forth as leaders of globalism.


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