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We keep hearing about the expectation of this “red heifer.” What is this red heifer and where does it come from? We find it in one verse in scripture Numbers 19:2 and that’s about it. There was an ordinance to produce such an offering to cleanse the people. Yet many connect it with the end time sacrificial system supposed to revise. What sacrificial system? From God? Most of our modern eschatology comes from the Scofield footnotes after the Zionists got to him. But I now question those conclusions and feel it supports an agenda. Could I be wrong? Possibly. Give a listen see what you think. Ill present my case against the red heifer, Third Temple, sacrificial system revision, and dispensational view. Maybe you don’t agree.

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The red heifer was an illustration how an offering without blemish were to be produced to atone for the sins of the people of God. All their ceremonial teachings and sacrificial practices alluded to one thing: the need of a perfect sacrifice.

Scripture is clear that no offerings could cleanse sin. yet some still strive towards a blemished attempt. In the meanwhile Jesus came to bring the new covenant and be the final sacrifice necessary. It says in scripture that the blood of bulls and goats and a heifer cannot satisfy the requirements, and would be ceased, but that Jesus came as a final atonement for sin (Hebrews 8,9,10). Some rejected Him, therefore they were cast aside.

It is my belief that Jesus paid the final sacrifice and offered himself to his own. Some believed. Others didn’t. Therefore he cut off those who didn’t come of the olive tree to make room for the wild branches. They became grafted into the tree, and therefore became the Israel of God.

The sacrificial ceremonial system is now obsolete because the new covenant supersedes it. Any new revised version of sacrifices would be vain. Thus any red heifer offered would not be valid, nor would a third temple (against Acts 7:48-51). So I say this drama is a mere attempt for a counterfeit. Some think this is the necessary fulfillment of end time prophecy, I do not. Otherwise it assumes Jesus did NOT finish it when He came, and that another sacrificial system would be required because Jesus was not complete. This is blasphemy as I see it.

What do you think?

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