Black Site Torture Camp in Israel

Black Site Torture Camp in Israel | podcast

June 8, 2024 Jim Duke Perspective 0

Reports came out about Israel housing a secret facility known as a “Black Site” where it holds and tortures prisoners. These prisoners said to be associates of Hamas and the terrorist organizations actually prove that it could detain Palestinians, as well as medical staff that have NO affiliation with Hamas, [READ MORE]

Cyber Attack Blackout Coming?

Cyber Attack Blackout Coming? | podcast

April 27, 2024 Jim Duke Perspective 0

We have been getting warnings of an imminent cyber attack from China or Russia or who knows where. They claim the grid will go down resulting in a major blackout and millions will die. Listen to “Cyber Attack Blackout Coming?” on Spreaker. Now I don’t know if its that dramatic, [READ MORE]

red heifer

What is this Red Heifer? | podcast

April 27, 2024 Jim Duke Perspective 0

We keep hearing about the expectation of this “red heifer.” What is this red heifer and where does it come from? We find it in one verse in scripture Numbers 19:2 and that’s about it. There was an ordinance to produce such an offering to cleanse the people. Yet many [READ MORE]

Bank Sinhua collapse

Bank Crisis Facade | podcast

March 16, 2024 Jim Duke Perspective 0

In this episode we pull back the curtain on the banking system and expose the wizard for what he is. We hear threats of an economic collapse, of a banking fallout, of a bank crisis. Is any of that true? We will reveal the truth of the banking crisis and [READ MORE]

Black pilled

Have You Been Black Pilled? | podcast

February 24, 2024 Jim Duke Perspective 0

Some have been so fired up that they attack, accuse, and shame rather than inform. They become cold, bitter, cynical. Who am I talking about? Some even in the Truther Community have become so upset or fearful it made them violent. Their words are filled with smoke and fire and [READ MORE]

Epstein Files Released

Epstein Files Released

January 13, 2024 Jim Duke Perspective 0

We have to address the disclosed Epstein files that were just released. More were unsealed as we get a deeper glimpse into the list of names that come up in this new public release. Some we are not surprised, others may shock you. These are from lists that we borrowed [READ MORE]

Subliminal Psyops

Subliminal Psyops | podcast

December 9, 2023 Jim Duke Perspective 0

In this episode we discuss how we are affected by subliminal stimuli and how it is used not only in psychological programming but in every day advertising and such. What triggers our subconscious? How does it affect our decisions? We also address what happens when our mind processes something a [READ MORE]

United Nations NWO

U.N. New World Order | podcast

December 2, 2023 Jim Duke Perspective 0

Do the United Nations run the plans for the NWO? They certainly have a hand in policies that regulate member nations and direct towards Globalization. We discuss the inside agenda of the agency and some affiliates to show that they lead sectors towards the goal. Listen to “UN New World [READ MORE]

Patterson Grimlin Bigfoot

Sasquatch Real or Myth?

November 11, 2023 Jim Duke Perspective 0

Darrin takes the floor on this one to present a case for something out there in the woods people identify as Sasquatch or Bigfoot. He has interviewed eyewitnesses, but also gives us scenarios that occurred to show people bring it up enough to give it credential. Of course the host [READ MORE]