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TikTok Ban, Conspiracy Theories censored

The House has voted favorable to a TikTok ban. The forum has caused a stir that it is owned by the Chinese who only want to collect data on Americans. Yet all other platforms do the same, including marketing, so what are they really afraid of?

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There are always reasons when government get involved in our lives. We tend to want to believe it is for our own protection, but many times it is to protect itself. In this case we suspect that government is controlling their own exposure by eliminating the competition of those exposing them.

However, it was brought up that TikTok include approvals when we sign on. We approve them scanning our profile, monitoring our search habits, even documenting our keystrokes. I don’t know if that is during our activity on their app, or in EVERY circumstance, but that would be violation of privacy. But then again Facebook, Twitter, and all the rest also seek such approvals to use their apps as well.

It is obvious conspiracy theories of all sorts are demonized. While they do get out of hand, and some rather entertaining, the real threat to the Elite is that we would actually believe them. This points n their face if we gain success reaching people. Many are starting to wake up and they cannot risk that.

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