What Happened to Conspiracy Theories?

The public seems to be turned off when mentioning something alluding to “conspiracy theory.” Reality is they cannot fathom such suggestions because their mind is not rationalizing that information, so their mind gets into a funk called “cognitive dissonance” where it rejects such suggestions. This is a protective mode that the brain triggers when it senses something against their perceived paradigm. Let’s face it no one wants to be uncomfortable in their own skin.

Furthermore the ClA has assisted this perception with mind control programs (they control social media) to trigger denial whenever such suggestions rub against the official narrative. Social media has tightened their algorithms to seek out and laser target any info that doesn’t fit the social narrative. It deems it as “false news” or “disinformation.” Fasc-book is one example of the use of censorship of our free speech while using their public platform.

This has been a growing problem with all platforms. Pressure from controlled CEOs has made it nearly impossible to give out vital information that has real truth because they are cutting off that info from reaching the public by deleting posts, banning information, flagging speech, and labeling it as false, when it has no idea what is true or not.

Most of this is done initially by search bots that snuff out buzzwords that trigger attention. However, entry level agents are hired to review these triggers to red flag the posts and sites that alert to such attention. These entry level workers are minimum wage earners who the agency (platform) employs to tell YOU when something is disinformation. In their young inexperienced mind they have been granted some superiority of knowledge to be able to tell you something is fake.

If you search on Google you already have been stifled. Their search engines push down the feed of anything to do with exposing the agenda and you are given a “safe search.” That’s why I use alternative engines (like Duck Duck Go). They are less likely to censor.

Now on the other token another phenomenon takes place. When platforms DO allow this exposure to the agenda it is often met with saturation of information from every angle. For example Illuminati will come up with anything from identifying shape-shifting Reptilians to pointing to J-Zee as the leading High Priest of Illumination. People looking to YouTube videos for information have no clue what is legit because the output is vast and their input is limited to these sources they perceive as authentic. The more produced it is the more chances people will consider it valid.

I don’t doubt that is also a Intel strategy to put out all the info about the subjects enough to throw off the real info. Why not join our community with their own agents to blur the truth. They are called “controlled opposition.” Many gatekeepers watch the boundaries and cautiously steer audiences away when they get too close. Alex Jones does this, as does Joe Rogan. Not to say they are necessarily being paid by an agency, some of these controlled ones just have gotten in a rut that blinds them from going too far. But sometimes honest names also get taken and can follow the carrot down the wrong rabbit trail. This happens to many of us. But we are expected to differentiate between the fabrications and fact. Just a matter of which the audience will believe once they get overwhelmed.

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