New Age Christianity Pt1 | podcast

New Age Christianity

In this episode we discuss New Age influence in Christianity. We share the origins of New Age and a possible cause of infiltrating the Christian faith.

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New Age is a Luciferian philosophy we believe originated in the Garden of Eden introduced to mankind through the discourse between the Serpent and Eve.

There the Serpent enticed Eve by tweaking her with: Lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, and the pride of life.

The offer was to 1) question God’s authority, 2) present immortality, 3) be like god, 4) Gain Gnosticism (knowledge).

The basis of New Age is expression of this offer and to infiltrate mankind with an ultimate goal of separating from the need of God to become your own god, and have access to all the power of the cosmic Christ anointing.

However, this contradicts what God has prescribed to man and puts man into a serious condition of denial of the need for Jesus Christ and loss of relationship with God by divine counterfeit, thus stripping of salvation.

The philosophy of New Age has infiltrated Christianity by introducing it as pseudo-Christian principles masking its countering doctrines through twisting of scripture and extension of meaning.

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